Fashion Over Reason: Who's That Girl?!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Who's That Girl?!

I've been working with the fashion director at the (Eric Nicholson) and he apparently saw model potential in me while we were shooting our latest story. Yep folks, that girl holding the handbag dressed in Chloé fall 2011 look #12? Yours truly. And how cute is this accessories story?

On a side note, i have to apologize for the slow down in updates, things have been really busy recently!


Justyna said...

hellllooo hot stuff! amazing shoot, helene!!!!

Unknown said...

i love the prints!

Stephanie said...

SUCH a cute story and i LOVEEEEE that this is YOU!!! YOu totally have model potential, and this is a case in point ;) Looks perfect!!

butttt omgosh when i first saw the pic a few weeks ago, I didn't realize there WAS A MOUSE on your shoulder. JEEEEEZUS woman, PLS tell me you didn't REALLY have it crawling on you?! Omg i have eeeebie jeeebies just typing that lol. good on you if you were able to withstand the crawling ;)