Fashion Over Reason: You're Just What I Need

Thursday, October 6, 2011

You're Just What I Need

Nothing seems more fresh than a chunky knit in emerald green for fall. And how badass are those Current Elliot leopard jeans? I saw a girl wearing them in grey the other day (paired with the Isabel Marant wedge sneakers, no less). It was flawless. (It helps that she prob weighed 95 lbs wet, but who's looking at that?!)

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Fashion Tidbits said...

That is one freaking gorgeous sweater! Love the extra cuffs

Alexandra said...

Absolutely loving both these pieces, especially the sweater. That emerald green colour is just about my favourite colour ever. Great selection as always love :)

Alexandra xo

Ahka Vintage said...

Yeah, that was one amazing sweater. You need at least one. Ditto on the leopard jeans - they are rad!

Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage
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Stephanie said...

OMG that sweater is Zara!!! I am almost 100% sure!

and lol!! did you mean 95 lbs *net...or Wet?! LOL!

and You're THIN!!! woman!! forget abt these NYC skinnies ;)


Arden Rubens (TOPCOAT) said...

I am in love with both photos.. I adore the emerald oversized knit and those Marant trousers - perfection xx


I am inlove with that jumper- its starting to get cold here now..wish I was wearing it right now!

Kate Lasater said...

Both of those pieces are perfect for fall! You should totally snag them.