Fashion Over Reason: Moc, Yeah

Monday, April 2, 2012

Moc, Yeah

The generous people over at Manitobah, an amazing heritage Canadian label (the people behind the infamous mukluks), sent me a super cute pair of moccasins a few months ago and due to unforeseen circumstances, i am only able to finally post about them now. So let's get on with it! It's probably better that way anyway cause this is actually the time of year that you'd be wanting to wear these, the weather being transitional and mild enough to stop wearing boots, but not yet warm enough for open-toed footwear.

As a Canadian girl, moccasins are kind of a rite of passage. I can't even count on one hand the amount of pairs i've gone through in the last 10 years (ouch, that makes me feel old). I've had them in every color, in every height and in every style. The ones that have been gifted to me just serve as a reminder of how much of staple these shoes are. They're so comfy, have become a true classic and are ideal for running around on weekends without looking sloppy. I can't stress how much mocs are a must-have.

But what's great about Manitobah is their ability to evolve while remaining true to the brand essence. They recently partnered with this company called Vibram to develop these great fancy, grippy soles so that you don't feel like you're walking around in slippers, the whole point being able to cater to the urban market. I do find really commending that they're still collaborating with with elders and artists in Aboriginal communities to create unique, one of a kind mocs. Read about it here. Everything is made in Canada and has been since their humble beginnings, and, well, since the natives have worn them, really. Can't say enough good things! On my feet are Harvester suede moccasins in charcoal.

T-shirt and pants - Zara
Get pastel denim here and a neon tee here

Get your own Manitobah moccasins!
Love this ankle leather pair
The real deal tall Mukluks
The shorter mukluk
The simple slipper shoe


Carismo Del Carmen said...

love this look !!

Alexandra said...

Ah so cute! And I love how you pulled together a chic but still casual look around that orange on you.

Alexandra xo

Cindy said...

moccasins are my favourites, i have at least 20 pairs, perfect true north style hehe.

those babies look great on you.