Fashion Over Reason: Denim Delight

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Denim Delight

When summer finally rolls around, year after year, the one thing that i can't get enough of is denim cutoffs. I think i speak for the vast majority of women out there - they're just the easiest thing to throw on when it starts warming up. Shown here two ways, executed oh so darn beautifully, with the ideal balance of sass and elegance - by Candace Swanepoel (duh) and Victoria.

The best way to acquire the perfect denim bottoms are to just cut an old pair of jeans into shorts, everyone knows that. But if you don't have one to spare, here are some more than viable options:

J Brand
Blank denim



inextenso said...

wow Candice is so beautiful!!! but the second girl...sorry but her face is a mess!

Anonymous said...

Really beautiful outfits, I made ones by myself just like you've explained, they look quite cool ^^

Lydia said...

gasping at Candice!

allyssa said...

I just came across your blog today and I LOVE it. You have such great taste.