Fashion Over Reason: Head To Toe

Friday, May 11, 2012

Head To Toe

I haven't been posting outfits like i sometimes did in the past but you all know it's because i don't have the means for beautifully staged pics. However, after the winter slump, as i like to call it, outfit inspiration is less scarce and i'm finding myself quite excited about getting dressed this spring. A particular piece that has my senses tingling recently is - seriously, who would have thought - my new sneakers. I'm, in short, o b s e s s e d. If you recall, i spoke about them here and here i go again. My go-to shoe for the season, that's for sure. I'm quite knee-deep in love with the whole sporty look, actually - as you can tell by my look yonder and the wannabe Letterman jacket.

Jacket - Marc Jacobs (similar tune here, here or here)
Pants - Zara (like these)
Top - Vintage Henley (this would do)
Shoes - Topshop
Bag - Zara (much better option here)
Watch - Vintage Omega Seamaster [family heirloom] (this would do)

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