Fashion Over Reason: Black Tote

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Black Tote

Eeks! Sorry guys - being in the middle of moving is mos def NOT conducive to blogging. Living amidst boxes, not knowing where anything is and basically packing your life away. Oh, the joys!

Moving along, my purse situation has reached a critical level. People who know me (and maybe you by now?) know that i'm not at all a bag person - i simply don't care for them. My senses are far more titillated by footwear. However, in my old age - ha! - i've been finding myself hankering for a very, very nice, simple, beautiful, versatile and classic black carryall. Basically, it's time to invest and i think the time is soon.

This Rochas bag is exactly what i have in mind. GET IT HERE.

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