Fashion Over Reason: Stevie

Monday, July 9, 2012


Last Monday was the Stevie Nicks show. It was a dream come true for me - she's one of my favorite artists of all time. It was a scorcher and i felt it was the right time to pull out this dress from the annals of my closet - a handmade dress by my grandmother in the 50s. It was actually a nightgown she made specifically for breastfeeding - i had to sew the straps in cause they were only secured by snap buttons. Anyway, it was seriously one of the best shows i've ever seen, the woman is amazing. And it was the perfect thing to wear to it.

Right this way for some other awesome summer dress options!

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Stephanie said...

HOW cute is that last picture LOL!!!! Love the dress: love these pics and jealssss you saw stevie nicks!!!! ;) xo


Dress looks so comfy!

Joan said...

this dress is beautiful!
you look great!

Fashion Dubai said...

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