Fashion Over Reason: FNO

Friday, September 14, 2012


Confession: i'm not a fan of Fashion's Night Out. There, i said it. Isn't everyone thinking it anyway?! The annoying crowds, the absolute impossibility to find a cab, the people that take this opportunity to dress as though it's halloween (i mean, really?!). Pardon my honesty, but those are my thoughts! Well this year however, i got sucked into it my pal good pal lisa. And lo and behold - GASP - i had a good time.


Stephanie said...

Ahahahhahaa you kill me !!! Sounds like my idea of an equal nightmare ;)!

Amazing pics!!! FAALOVE your outfit!! Bag? Shoes?! Want the deets!!!! When can we catch up? Next week?

Joan said...

great photos!
seems like you had a lot of fun!