Fashion Over Reason: Red & Legs

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Red & Legs

Do you have an item in your closet that no matter how long you've had it for, you just can't seem to part with it even if you never wear it? I'm usually pretty decent at doing a little wardrobe purge every year, but for some reason, i've been holding on to these Aldo shoes since 2005!! They kind of look like these but with blue and turquoise in the mix. Strangely i never stopped liking them and it's the second time this year i've whipped them out. Take THAT! And i would be lying if i said that i didn't love the type of weather that warrants long sleeves to stay warm while still being completely comfortable to bare your legs.

Red linen blazer (similar here) - Ralph Lauren
T-shirt (similar here) - J.Crew
White denim shorts (diy from pants, similar here) - Gap
Shoes - Aldo

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