Fashion Over Reason: Bisous de Paris!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bisous de Paris!

Bonjour! As you are reading this my chéris, i am struggling to stay awake as i have just landed in the French Capital. I am so excited to be here for many reasons:

1. I haven't been here in nearly 3 years. Last time i actually lived there.
2. The hubs and i have not taken a honeymoon yet, so this will be a great pre-game. Romance!
3. Get inspired to write my little heart out.
4. Stuff my face full of douceurs - here's looking at you, pistachio macaron. Wink!
5. Do some quality shopping.
6. Take in the most beautiful light in the early evenings as the sun hits the buildings. Seriously, i've ever only seen this in Paris. Just have a look for yourself.

I will try to blog while here but definitely expect a slowdown. Have a great weekend!!

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AM said...

Lucky luck you. Not only are you visiting but you also lived there? SO envious!