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Monday, October 8, 2012

Role Model

I recently had a conversation with someone about role models and the types of people we admire, which got me thinking: who do i look up to and why? There are a handful of admirable women in my personal life that fit the bill to a tee (here's looking at you, mother!) but on the more public side of things, the pickins aren't slim either -- it just depends on who it is that touches you with what they stand for and represent. I thought i'd share one of my role models with you today cause, well, it's my blog and i can do what i want i think who you choose to look up to says a lot about who you are.

I love Gwyneth Paltrow because i think that she is an exceptional example of balance. I know the woman gets a lot of flack for her website and that she's often accused of being unrealistic and living in a ridiculous rich-person bubble while trying to come off as normal. I digress. I think she's cool, down-to earth, incredibly funny (seriously, watch her in an interview), has amazing taste, appears to have great values and follows her path without really taking the words of her critics to heart. She's not perfect and she's not pretending to be, but she is incredibly chic even if wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Beauty, brains and unpretentiousness. It also helps that she's BFFs with Mario Batali. Voilà!

The woman also just turned 40 this week and has never looked better. Here's to you, Gwinnie! Who are your role models?

PS A very happy thanksgiving to all my canadian compadres!


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Stephanie said...

I totally agree re: youir role model(s) say a lot about you. So do your friends ;) so here's looking at YOUUUU lady love :)! and you totally stole my heart with your Gwinnie pick!! Love this woman!! such a sweetheart. Hollywood wise, I think mine is Meryl Streep. LOVE HER!!