Fashion Over Reason: Coat Check

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Coat Check

I love the fall, we all know it and we all love it, yes yes yes. That statement may be redundant, but bear with me, i swear i have a point. Here goes: the between-season coat! Finding the perfect one can prove problematic: getting the right weight of jacket at the right time is almost an art form (hyperbole?). You see, the month of September is too cool to go sans, but too warm to say, reach for your sleeveless fur vest (too early! still too mild! major sweating would ensue!). Come November, your favorite funky fresh Acne denim jacket is probably past its seasonal expiration date, but will you be comfortable enough in your unlined and uninsulated leather bomber? Can you just add a tuque and call it a day? Yes, i actually sit there and think of these things. Don't pretend like you don't.

This Club Monaco look and coat below might actually be a great solution to this age-old problemo (no use in undermining it). It looks like it could be worn as early as October and by layering a cozy sweater unerneath, will take you right into December when frigidity begins and you have to actually bust out your Canada Goose or your Moncler, depending on which side of the pond you hail from. Glad we got that figured out.


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AM said...

So funny I did a similar post about this very thing!