Fashion Over Reason: Beautiful Girl

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Beautiful Girl

Like any girl, i love playing around with makeup and beauty products, but truth be told, the look that pulls me in deep is the bare face. I don't kid myself into thinking i can actually pull it off (my skin's not that great and my hereditary dark circles could be categorized as a serious condition), but with the right makeup, ironically, it's definitely something i try to achieve. I'm secretly loving the no mascara trend and being a natural blonde, the effect is even more striking, although i've yet to take my in-home attempts to the streets for a test drive. Blame it on years of piling on the eyelash gunk and the fear of looking like a cancer patient by going sans, but maybe this spring when i get some extra color in my face courtesy of mr. sunshine, i may muster the courage. And while it's hard to rival a young model's natural beauty, one can still aspire to look like the fresh faced flowers they are. Below, some natural beauty inspo through Josephine, Frida and Kasia.


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