Fashion Over Reason: Resolutions?

Thursday, January 3, 2013


As the cliché goes, with the new year comes new resolutions, a seemingly "fresh start" for the ones who feel the need for one. My philosophy fluctuates every time on this matter, but there is always a common thread, whether i'm not partaking in the resolution craze or whether i'm making all sort of goals: i always keep things real - there's nothing like an unattainable project that will just eventually make you more discouraged than before. You guys making resolutions this year?

In the meantime, it's fackin freezing here in new york and i'm currently experiencing under the weather conditions, unforch -- which makes bundling up all the more important. Below, i love the way these two giant scarves are wrapped and become the focus of the look. Très chic.

[tfs, pinterest]

1 comment:

Joan said...

still haven't thought of that!!
but i'll make some resolutions for sure!
happy new year!