Fashion Over Reason: February 2013

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


So you may or may not be wondering what i was doing in LA this past weekend, but if you follow me on instagram, twitter or vine (which you should be if you don't already!) then you know i was attending the Oscars. More on that later -- before i get to my weekend of hobnobbing with lalaland's finest, we must talk about Milan fashion week, which just ended. Below, feast your eyes on my compilation of favorites, which includes Pucci, which i thought was so strong and cool, with that perfect dose of sexiness injected in every look. That's exactly what we have come to expect from Peter Dundas, but this time it was done with such a rock 'n roll sensibility. What can i say, anything that references 60s and 70s rock chicks just inexplicably always tugs at my heartstrings -- it's an aesthetic i can never get enough of. And Prada, how i would die for one of those furs! And Marni, your grown up darker side is just so appealing, your woman speaks volumes (pun intended).

1. Fendi
2. Marni
3. Prada
4. Pucci
5. Jil Sander


Friday, February 22, 2013

Model Behavior

Models, models, models. Fascinating creatures they are, they have a firsthand look and access to the latest, most luxurious designer collections, and being in the business of physical appearance, they are innately compelled to give a thought or two to what they're going to wear. Perhaps i'm just intellectualizing it too much -- but here's the bottom line: models are beautiful, they look good in clothes, they wear nice clothes, they get photographed in nice clothes, they own nice clothes and finally, they are simply girls, who, like the rest of us, adore playing dress up. So i've noticed something: while fashion trends are being presented to us on the runways, style trends are forming right outside by the very ladies who have primary access. Here i''ve rounded out some of the street trends i've spotted among the models going to and from the catwalk.

Wide mom jeans, via Martha Hunt, Ruby Aldridge and Shu Pei (don't know the 4th girl!)
Dark crusaders, via Joan Smalls, Karlie Kloss, Arizona Muse and another lovely lady whose name slips my mind Diana Moldovan (thank you, Lydia!)
Big fur chubbies via (among others): Zuzanna Bijoch, Josephine Skriver, Shu Pei & Aline Weber
Long overcoats, via Alana Zimmer, Sigrid Agren, Doutzen Kroes & Liu Wen, among others
Model gangs! Kasia Struss, Monika Sawicka, Bette Franke, Nadja Bender, Jacqueline Jablonski, Mirte Maas, Daria Strokous,& Ginta Lapina.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

KB Does London

If there's one thing that's pretty much a guarantee in life is that Kate Bosworth will always be making an appearance at London fashion week for either Burberry or Topshop. While i didn't see her roaming the Burberry show perimeter, she was live in the flesh at the Topshop event and the Unique runway and in true Bosworth form, she was shining in her ever-glowing simple-yet-put-together california chic.


Recent Stuff

A few images from my week & weekend. Outfits, homemade banana chocolate chip baked doughnuts, new beauty stuff (don't you just love hate it when everything runs out at once!??!), brunching, etc.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Ok you guys, so i haven't been as diligent with keeping up with the London shows as i was with the New York ones. Milan week just started so i thought i would do a little London spotlight of my favorites of the week. I proclaimed Reed Krakoff to be my favorite collection of the New York fall 2013 shows; well the winner for me in London was Antonio Berardi. Beautiful, fresh, modern, cool, chic, edgy, concise, wearable. Feast your eyes below!

1.Tom Ford
2. Preen
3. J.W. Anderson
4. Burberry
5. Erdem
6. Christopher Kane
7. Topshop Unique
8. Peter Pilotto
9. Antonio Berardi


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ashley O.

And now for a fashion month break: the ever so chic Ashley Olsen just being her fabulous self in nyc.

Liquid Steel

I'm kind of completely in love with look 25 from the FW2103 Sophie Theallet collection -- a s t u n n i n g liquid steel dress. The color, the shape, the movement, the vibe. It feels fresh and modern but still has that minimal 90s reference to it. I feel like Kate Bosworth needs to wear this to an event - only a girl like that could really do it justice.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Rare, Pretty Birds

Models, sigh. Why does everything look so good on them? Oh yeah, because they're otherworldly creatures.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Last Day

It's the last day of the New York shows, which means 3 things: Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Marc Jacobs. In the meantime, let's have a look at (pics below in that respective order) Narciso, J.Crew, Michael Kors, Proenza (OMG SASHA OPENED THE SHOW AND I NEARLY DIED!), and an ULTRA SPECIAL MENTION to Reed Krakoff, who turned out one of my favorite collections of the week.


The Fash Pack

While i think a lot of members of the fashion brigade have taken the street style thing a little too far with the crazy getups (more power to you if you are Michelle Harper and dress like it's halloween every day, but to the people who are just trying too hard to put on a show for the cameras: you're not fooling anyone... on another note, do you ever wonder what she wears to lounge around in her own home?? Think she ever just wears an old t-shirt and sweat pants or does she have some sort of mad woman interior garb?! Ok, my apologies, i digress... but food for thought nonetheless!). As you probably know, i tend to gravitate towards a more natural and simple way of dressing. Some of the flock still feels that way too after all, it seems. Props to Sarah Rutson, Elin Kling, Giovanna and Poppy for keeping things personal and for not, erm, falling victim. Fashion week wonders, below.

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