Fashion Over Reason: Milano

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


So you may or may not be wondering what i was doing in LA this past weekend, but if you follow me on instagram, twitter or vine (which you should be if you don't already!) then you know i was attending the Oscars. More on that later -- before i get to my weekend of hobnobbing with lalaland's finest, we must talk about Milan fashion week, which just ended. Below, feast your eyes on my compilation of favorites, which includes Pucci, which i thought was so strong and cool, with that perfect dose of sexiness injected in every look. That's exactly what we have come to expect from Peter Dundas, but this time it was done with such a rock 'n roll sensibility. What can i say, anything that references 60s and 70s rock chicks just inexplicably always tugs at my heartstrings -- it's an aesthetic i can never get enough of. And Prada, how i would die for one of those furs! And Marni, your grown up darker side is just so appealing, your woman speaks volumes (pun intended).

1. Fendi
2. Marni
3. Prada
4. Pucci
5. Jil Sander


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