Fashion Over Reason: The Fash Pack

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Fash Pack

While i think a lot of members of the fashion brigade have taken the street style thing a little too far with the crazy getups (more power to you if you are Michelle Harper and dress like it's halloween every day, but to the people who are just trying too hard to put on a show for the cameras: you're not fooling anyone... on another note, do you ever wonder what she wears to lounge around in her own home?? Think she ever just wears an old t-shirt and sweat pants or does she have some sort of mad woman interior garb?! Ok, my apologies, i digress... but food for thought nonetheless!). As you probably know, i tend to gravitate towards a more natural and simple way of dressing. Some of the flock still feels that way too after all, it seems. Props to Sarah Rutson, Elin Kling, Giovanna and Poppy for keeping things personal and for not, erm, falling victim. Fashion week wonders, below.

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