Fashion Over Reason: Confessions! Plus, Meet Ellie

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Confessions! Plus, Meet Ellie

It's confession time, you guys. All of my life, i have shunned physical activity. I don't really like sports (with the exception of hockey and then again, more in a social and beer-drinking kind of way), i am bored to death at the thought of frequenting a gym (i could have gone on a nice vacation with all the money i spent on unused, expired memberships i have had through the years), spinning classes are what i am expecting to find upon my arrival in hell and frankly, who the hell has ever experienced the "runner's high" anyway??! I meannnnn. Let's just say that i am infamous among my circle for my rejection of fitness.

I never thought in a million years what would happen to me this past summer. I fell in love with -- wait for it.... ZUMBA. That's right. That weird latin-inspired dance aerobics. I'm into it. HARD. You see, i have always loved dancing and secretly wished i had gotten my shit together and been a dancer. Perhaps i was one in a past life? I digress. Zumba is FUN yo and while i'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that i look forward to exercising 3 times a week, i am slowly coming to terms with the fact that, gulp, fitness is now an integral part of my lifestyle. WEIRD.

The reason i'm bringing this up is because i know that while i was not alone in my hatred of working out, i am sure that i am a minority in today's shape-obsessed world, right? So i never once gave an ounce of thought to workout gear because it simply was none of my concern. In fact, the only thought i gave it was something along the lines of cursing those girls wearing their gym gear as regular clothes (seriously, what gives?!). Am i going to become one of those women? Hell no. But now that the winds have changed, i'm finding myself still trying to look cute and decent while breaking a sweat getting down and groovy. Ladies, i think i have found the answer to my conundrum. If, like me, you're not into run-of-the-mill workout garb, i'd like to introduce you to ELLIE. A fitness clothing brand that makes stuff you'll actually want to wear and that is budget-friendly. Imagine that!

They release a new collection every month and no joke, their stuff is pretty rad. I have this white raglan sleeve top from their february collection that is super lightweight and super comfy. In fact, i think i'm gonna be wearing it with cutoffs come summer. It falls perfectly in that effortless way and actually hits the sporty trend nail right on the head. And i'd like to specify it doesn't look like gym clothes -- i'm not becoming one of those women, remember?

I was really surprised with their leggings because they were much thinner and way more limber than ones i was used to. Turns out it makes them more supple, which means no stretching and drooping during my vigorous dance moves - ha! These babies stay on skin tight and are incredibly conducive to movement. And i love the dark colors.

The best part is that you can become a member and receive 2 pieces per month. For me it was a win-win -- since working out has become a big part of my life, i can never have too much gear because let's face it: who has time to do that much laundry?! Their march all black collection is pretty sleek and chic too. Can't wait to receive those and share with you!

In my workout zeal, i've also come to find that their IS such a thing as cool sports sneakers. So i went ahead and got these Nike Free Runs (if they don't have your size, try here). Who says you have to look sloppy while getting fit?! Not here, no ma'am!

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