Fashion Over Reason: Le Cheap C'est Chic Does NYC Brooklyn

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Le Cheap C'est Chic Does NYC Brooklyn

YOU GUYS. So remember last weekend when i was all like "omg my blogger bff Stephanie is coming to visit, blablabla, pictures picture pictures..." etc?!? Although it may seem like i forgot, i did not. You see, i was away this past weekend and wasn't able to sift through the amazing images that put our fun times on display. The time has come -- however, we went a little crazy with the camera so this post will need to be broken down in two folds. Here is the photo diary of our saturday, starting with brunch, followed by browsing around my brooklyn neighborhood and capped off by an all too awesome dinner at Eataly.

Most pics were taken by Stephanie herself (with a few exceptions). In fact, head on over to her neck to see which pics she chose to display.

Interested in what i'm wearing? Shop my looks:

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

OHMYGODDDDDDDDDD your intro line is amazing: you're hilarious GF!!! LOVE seeing the pics you posted: and the pic of me in the metro all smiles made me LAUGH!!! Miss you so much! Hope O-TOWN was amazing!!!!! Cant wait for our next BK visit!

Love you GF!! xoxox