Fashion Over Reason: The Week in Review

Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Week in Review

Since today is sunday, i thought i'd share a few snaps recapping the last couple weeks. I'd been wearing my glasses (the actual seeing kind) a lot because i had a little eye problem that needed some TLC, but all is good now and i am back to my much-preferred contact lenses. I've also been obsessed with my new Nike Free Runs. And by obsessed i mean O B S E S S E D. And the plush white fur coat that i recently acquired from my dearest Stephanie! And further down, a few quick little videos from my Vine that show it all in motion.

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Nice pics. You look so cool with the glasses!
Happy Easter!!
See you in my blog, maybe.

Stephanie said...

That dress is so stunning! What a find! Need deets! the coat: amazing on you: like, beyond meant to be. You relly suit eye glasses: so happy you're feeling better :)!! and those SUNNIES!!! amazing! Also: i swear after you go Nike Free's hard to don anytning else :S! Perfect transtional footwear for sure!