Fashion Over Reason: This Week

Sunday, April 14, 2013

This Week

With sunday comes my weekly review in the form of photos... well, the short week that i got anyway, seeing as i left for vacation on Thursday. Let's see what we got here: getting ready for my trip by acquiring some much-anticipated beach reads and a skimpy little number from V i X swimwear, visiting the Upper West Side for a friend's book signing and not being able to resist immortalizing the view, april 8 aka the reminder that 19 years ago a legendary icon left us (RIP Kurt), being super excited about the weather giving us some deep summer emotions and finally being able to wear SHORTS!, taking our Wallyface to the grand-parental sanctuary for his own little vacation, the new issue of Vogue Paris, stopping by the Dietch PR showroom to preview some fall 2013 collections and falling in L O V E with Fur Elise's chebacca furs, taking the opportunity to take a selfie outfit shot while walking by a very mirrored window and finally, showing off my awesome Chaser muscle tee.

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