Fashion Over Reason: #Travelgram

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


First post back from my vacation and please bare with me while i get my shit together! Antigua was so, so, so amazing - pretty much all that we had dreamt of and more. Super relaxing, beautiful, incredibly chill. We had a blast. But i came back exhausted because of airport delays and not making it home until well into the wee hours on sunday, so i'm still adjusting. Got tons of stuff to do, as you'd expect after being away for 2 weeks. So in the meantime, while i sort through my things, get my bearings and organize my photos, have a gander at all my instagram shots from my time there. Be back soon, promise!

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Stephanie said...

LOVE revisiting your instajam snapshots! Welcome back to reality: totally empathize with what the adjustment must feel like coming back from this HAVEN!!!! looks like a dream vacation!! xx PS! your tropical/resort style is stunning ;)!