Fashion Over Reason: Yesterday

Thursday, April 25, 2013


As mentioned previously, i'm just trying to get it together post-travels (errands, laundry, work stuff) and it feels a little bit like i'm drinking from a fire hose. So i'm still trying to catch up, which means that yesterday needed to be real comfortable in terms of attire.

Also-- remember how it was my anniversary a couple weekends ago? We're not usually big gift people, but my husband surprised me the classic YSL Arty ring. I fell off my chair. He's the best.

Outfit details:
Striped top - Zara
Coated denim - Helmut Lang
Sneakers - Superga
Hat - Brixton
Tote - Marc Jacobs

Emulate this way:

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

OHMYGOD he ISSSS the bEST!!!!!! DYING!!!! PS! that outfit is amaze (naturally) we have the same navy kicks: do you wear socks w them?! I still havent figured out how to...and your Vine is AMAZING!!!