Fashion Over Reason: Easy Does It

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Easy Does It

If there is one fundamental thing about my sartorial personality, one thing that, no matter what, never changes, is that first and foremost, the way i approach choosing any outfit to wear is purely pragmatic. You probably would never have assumed that, as this trait more than often equates to bad wardrobe choices (this does not mean i have to sacrifice style or good taste!) but alas, it is true: i always take practicality and comfort into account: where am i going? how far/how much will i be walking? is it going to get cold? am i taking the subway? is it going to get too hot? how much comfort am i willing to sacrifice to wear X on this occasion? These are not necessarily bad things to concern yourself with, they just make my fashion fantasies die a little bit.

I so deeply wish that i could just throw caution to the wind and wear, say, sequined pants to dinner, but i would be way too worried about the plastic beads painfully digging into my skin after sitting down for 2 hours at the table. These festering inquiries are so deeply ingrained in my DNA that i will sadly never be able to change my ways. Most women would never bother with such internal quandaries, but i can't help but torment myself with these questions simply to come to an outfit compromise for wherever i'm going. Although it has to be said: while i wish i could be less sensible at times, i can almost always guarantee that my comfort level will be very high.

So when i went to Antigua a few weeks ago and was haunted by thoughts of what my resortwear wardrode would be, my faithful pragmatic side took over yet again. This time it was all for the better: when you're dealing with tropical weather and a relaxed state of mind, the only thing you SHOULD be is comfortable! But as i mentioned earlier: never by compromising style.

Striped top - Zara
Skort - Zara
Gladiator wedges - Nine West (oldies but goodies!), similar here or here
Bracelet - Chan Luu
Necklace - Task NY


amstervrouwtje said...

so pretty! x

Jade | The Jade Aesthetic said...

I very recently bought this skort and I'm already obsessed with it! Can definitely see it being worn to death this summer for all occasions.

Jade | JadeFungBlog

Stephanie said...

This post completely sums up your style attitude I can attest to that!! I remember when I visited you questioned a few times if you should wear X or X outerwear based on the chances you'd get cold. I LOVE IT!!!! GURL we should all be as effortlessly fanstastic as you are! LOVE YOU!!!xxoo

Anne Stikvoort said...

the Zara skorts are simply perfect! adore the striped tee you wear on top of it! X

Andrea said...

Nice combo, really like the skort :) nice look

imfashionstoned said...

what a fab outfit!! ♥