Fashion Over Reason: Lip Service

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lip Service

It's definitely safe to say that my existence is punctuated by different beauty phases. I'll abuse mascara for weeks at a time, then all of a sudden i'll want nothing else but barely-there lashes. Recently, it's been all about the bold lip. I just can't get enough of a punch of color smack dab on the pouter. Picture it: a dewy complexion highlighted by cream bronzer in all the right spots, a swish of subtle shimmer dusted on the eyelids, a couple layers of black mascara and for the kicker, a popsicle pout. It makes for an ideal use color if you're into a more subdued way of dressing, plus it makes you feel instantly sexy and put together. Here are the 3 lipstick shades that i currently have on heavy rotation.

Thoughts on high pigmented lip color? I'd love to hear what colors you guys wear!

1. MAC Lady Danger
2. YSL Rouge Volupté #12 Forbidden Burgundy
3. NARS Carthage


Fashion Tidbits said...

I'm using MAC's LadyBug and it's fab!!

Stephanie said...

NArs Carthage! SO good!!! LOVE! Try Nars Matte lipstick in Terre de Feu next time ! You'll love it, promise ;)!

Unknown said...

Such a great colors! I have MAC Lady Danger and it really is dangerous :). And YSL Rouge Volupte 12, it was my first Rouge Volupte ever <3.