Fashion Over Reason: Nostalgia + Rediscovery

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Nostalgia + Rediscovery

I recently ran out of my favorite body lotion that i buy in bulk. It's the cheap stuff, but i love it because it smells sooooo good and hey, it works. But this time, i found myself longing for a change. Blame the seasonal shift, but i just felt like switching it up and inexplicably the only thing on my mind was The Body Shop. Nostalgic? VERY. My junior high and highschool days were punctuated by games of hooky played out at the mall's Body Shop, lathering ourselves in Satsuma body oil and smothering our pouts with Beech lip liner, with the occasion purchase of Body Butter. Pretty sure the sales girls would cringe at the mere thought of our arrival, which we were obviously completely (and perhaps intentionally) oblivious to. My flashbacks could not be ignored! Before i knew it i was ordering Body Butters in Pink Grapefruit, Coconut, and, of course, the one an only Satsuma. Rediscovery would be an understatement -- not only do i travel down memory lane at every sniff, but i'm more smitten than ever. Now i'm ready for summer!

PS Happy Cinco de Mayo!

PPS you may have noticed that fashion over reason has a brand new home on its very own dot com, so make sure to update your feeds with the new domain!

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