Fashion Over Reason: Werk!

Monday, May 13, 2013


You may or may not remember my fitness confessions from back in march but here i am at it again. Like i mentioned then, working out has become a huge part of my lifestyle and even though i'm older (eeks, it's my birthday this saturday) i've actually never felt better. So i figured why not share my gear with you guys?

As a novice level exerciser, i wasn't too keen on the idea of shelling over hundreds for outfits that a) i wouldn't be able to wear in real life, b) that aren't even cute and c) what if my workout craze was just a phase and a mere few months later, my pricey lycra leggings would be banished to a corner of my closet i didn't even know existed? Dilemmas, dilemmas.
SO-- if you're not into forking over mucho dinero on spandex tops for a twice-weekly yoga sesh, but you don't want to wear old ratty college t-shirts either, you're just like me. And my solution was Ellie. If you like what you see below, head over to (link is also in my side bar) -- they have amazing options for every type of workout and best of all, it's realy affordable. It's basically the only thing i wear anymore.
And on my feet are Nike Free Runs in teal. These are they most amazing sneakers ever invented - i need to get some more colors, or perhaps even get the 5.0 version a go!

You guys into fitness at all?


Anonymous said...

You look so good!

I'll try to use this post as an inspiration, H-bomb :)

xxx, G-Dawg

Hélène Heath said...

Awww Thanks G!! XX


Love your Nikes... you look healthy and athletic. I tried Pilates lately but I didn't like it.

amstervrouwtje said...

So awesome, love the pics! x

Fashion Tidbits said... got back!

Marie a la Mode said...

You look FANTASTIC! I want to look like you! lol I'm trying to get stronger and more toned!

Stephanie said...

You're figure is bangin' gurlfriend! Way to go ZUMBA!!!! Love me a good workout sesh so I can def attest to that addiction feeling. and I don't know why you didn't embrace the work out sooner, if only for the gear, which looks phenom on you! love the racer cut tank! and of course the kicks. Saaaweeet! big hugs!!! Keep at it ;) xo