Fashion Over Reason: The Elusive Travel Clothes Concept

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Elusive Travel Clothes Concept

There is one particular thing in life that eludes me to great lengths: why people equate "comfortable" clothes with looking completely schleppy and sloppy. This is the reason why airports are filled with people in offensive velour track suits, or Lululemon yoga pants paired with old college hoodies and Ugg boots. WHY?!?? Certainly these people have more public-appropriate attire that are equally comfortable? Why is it that people automatically reach for garments that should never be worn outside one's home when taking a journey? Do people suddenly think they get a free pass because they'll be sitting for X amount of hours? Unless you're flying to the land of Oz (in which case, they acutally give you pjs to change into), there is no justifiable reason for any mortal to think that comfort should be akin to careless. Are your every day clothes that painful to don? Do jeans or dresses physically hurt? The answer, as we know it, is a big fat NO (unless your dresses come equipped with a corset, but i highly doubt it). So there are no excuses to not look as put together for your travels as you would on any other given day. The whole point of this rant was actually to showcase the getup below i wore for last week's trek to DC. Next time you hit the road or the airport, just think twice before you reach for those sweatpants you deem "acceptable" and comfortable. You'll see, you'll feel infinitely better if you've got even just slight sartorial composure and you'll wonder why you ever thought yoga pants were not completely cringe-worthy outside of the yoga studio.

Leopard Print Peplum Denim Chanel Loafers Travel Clothes

Peplum top - H&M (similar)
Denim - J Brand (similar)
Bracelet - Hysteric Co (similar)
Shoes - Chanel (similar)
Leather jacket - ASOS (similar)

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Anonymous said...

You look so beautiful dear! Such a fab and chic outfit, loving your loafers!

Stephanie said...

LOL. AMENNNNNNNNN. You look fab-- if i wasn't so already on board w your point, your travel look herer would totes have me convinced ;)! xo