Fashion Over Reason: Muggy Ain't Got Nothing On Me

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Muggy Ain't Got Nothing On Me

Don't know if it's crazy hot where you are, but here on the East Coast it has just been scorching and muggy for the past 2 weeks, which can be problematic when putting together an outfit -- looking fresh, crisp and breezy can prove to be quite the challenge. And then it goes even further: what do you do with your hair? Your makeup? You LIFE?!?! Ok that last part isn't real, but it felt right to say then and there. I am here to solve all your style predicaments: when it's so hot you can barely stand to have anything on your skin, grab a silk tank, a pair of itty bitty loose cotton shorts and pull your hair up in a tight bun. All you need on your face is a few swipes of bronzer. If you want to fake fanciness, rim your lids with kohl and add a few pieces of jewelry that won't cause sweat outbreaks (aka, no bib necklaces). Voilà!

Summer Outfit BreezyOOTD Silk White Tank Pattern ShortsH&M Whistles Zara Ray-Ban Chic Peek
Silk tank - H&M (similar)
Shorts - Vintage (similar)
Gold bangle - Chic Peek (similar)
Ring - Hysteric Co (similar)
Shoes - Whistles (similar)
Bag - Zara (similar)
Sunnies - Ray-Ban
Bronzer - Nars The Multiple in Maldives

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Joan said...

Lovely shorts!
I saw this bag in Zara today!!
really nice one!! ;)

Samiya Cusman said...

I'll definitely break my no-shoe policy, one day. When the time is ripe haha.
Great look btw, very 'summerly' , don't even know if thats a word.
I always go for a chino, it's very breathable, not too hot and not too cold.


Stephanie said...

Bahahahahaha re: bib necklaces and outbreaks!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!! hence why i stick to bigger neclaces in the fall ;)

ok so seriously you look meant for the heat! Maybe it's cause youre born in the summer?! Call me crazy but i sometimes eqaute pple's bdays with their fave seasons! For instance: while i dont want to complain about the heat cause ill take it ANYDAY over the horrible snow we get here and pain in the a** cold, my body fakin HATES the heat!!! Im constantly mid convo and sweating bullets #awkward and so not sartorial! LOL BUT I still do my best with wardrobe: latest heat wave antidote? SUMMER DRESSES!!! Amazing!! xoxoxo