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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Socialbliss, Bliss, Bliss

A few weeks ago something really fun happened. I became a style ambassador for Socialbliss. The reason i went for it is simple: i love their site, what they're about and what they do. In a nutshell, it's kind of like Pinterest, but solely fashion and with a huge trade marketplace. It's a one-stop-shop for all of your style needs -- inspiration, the ability to buy what you see (or something very similar) and, as genius as it is, the ability to also sell. A ton of bloggers have taken to open their own online shops through their blogs over the past few years, which was a great idea if you wanted to eliminate the middleman. But if your blog doesn't have the kind of cult following that induces the immediate burning desire to have what you have in its readers, the Socialbliss marketplace, is, well, ideal.

Here are my offerings so far... in case you're a size 6 shoe and interested.
Socialbliss Marketplace Fashion Over Reason Shoes Givenchy Garrice Zara
1.Givenchy SOLD | 2. Garrice | 3. & 4. Zara
Buy over here -- cost of shipping is included in the price of the item.

Anyway, it's also just a ton of fun (and might i say addictive) to browse through the ever-inspiring images that inevitably trigger the need for purchasing what you're looking at... proceed with caution!

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