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Saturday, August 17, 2013


Okkkkk you guys, i am late to the beauty party, once again -- while i live and die for beauty stuff, i'm kind of, well, never in the know, ha. But seriously, i finally got to try the Dr. Jart BB Cream that i had been hearing so much about and in all honesty, it fully lives up. Here's the skinny: you've never met a more tempermental, sensitive skin than the one that was passed on to me i was blessed with, and i have given many BB Creams a go since their introduction to our north american shores a couple years back. While some were ok and others were great at first, they inevitably caused my delicate pores to rebel, like a swelling legion of soldiers declaring war on whatever was attacking them. Major breakouts ensued and into the trash bucket went nearly full tubes of the stuff. UNTIL NOW. No breakouts, no allergic reactions, no weird bumps, only a smooth complexion upon application. I hate to sound like a billboard, but this stuff is the shit. Try it, buy it, love it, thank me later.

Get them here: left and right.

Dr.Jart+ BB Cream Beauty Balm

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Soie Agency said...

saaaWEET! sooooo glad you finally found a BB that doesn irritate your mug! RE: into the garbage went nearly full tubes: made me think of Stila that almost went the way of the trash had it not been for my presence LOL! xo