Fashion Over Reason: Pastel Party

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pastel Party

Told you i had some more fun LCCC+FOR Montreal adventures to share with you! Steph and i took her ridiculously adorable toy poodle, Chloe, down by the water for an afternoon walk and didn't skip a photo opp beat. Late summer offers the perfect weather to be wearing long sleeves and legs comfortably, but it's fun to maintain that crisp feel with fresh pastels. Having overdosed on july's scorching heat, these cooler temps were a welcomed change. However, looking back on these, it's quite obvious that my crisp goal could've used a few strokes of ironing... my bad.

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Blouse - Vintage (from my mom!) (similar)
Pants - Topshop (similar)
Sandals - Zara
Bag - Bottega Veneta
Sunnies - Ray-Ban
Necklaces - Vintage (from my grandmother!) (similar here and here)
Ring - Saint Laurent

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Soie Agency said...

LOLLL re: the ironing! Srsly no biggie: hardly noticeable ;) ahhhh this afternoon was soooo fun! and had such a hint of the cool weather to come in the air too. it's back to muggy mess now :S. Hope you tracked those misplaced necklaces down btw!! ps! #cdawg in these shots: aHHHH ADORE!!! LOL im obsessed. cant wait for her and walls to get acquainted!