Fashion Over Reason: The Bag

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Bag

Earlier this month, i brought you The Boots, and now i bring you The Bag. I am definitely NOT a handbag person. If you're a dedicated reader of this blog (thank you!) you certainly must have noticed that the same one is consistently flung over my shoulder (i'll take this moment to apologize for the lack of diversity in that area). But this Victoria Beckham beaut has sure caught my attention: love love love the color -- nice change from black, yet still incredibly versatile -- as well as the super modern chain strap and the sleekness (read: timelessness) of the design.

Victoria Beckham Chain Bag Fall 2013

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Stephanie said...

GORGEOUS! Who could have know Miss Beckham would knock our socks off with her fashion designs years ago?! Continuously impressed. AND i agree: the navy so winner. In fact it;s by far my fave over black ;)