Fashion Over Reason: M0851 Autumn Extravaganza

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

M0851 Autumn Extravaganza

If you're not already familiar with the label, allow me to introduce you to the pretty rad M0851 leather goods brand. I've personally known about them for quite a long time, as they hail from my hometown of Montreal. Naturally, I am always on board with supporting a name from my motherland, especially when what they do is entirely within my wheelhouse. Their aesthetic is refined, the quality stupendous and their pieces classic, timeless, versatile, superluxe without being precious. Lucky for us on this side of the border, they have a store in NYC's SoHo neighborhood (a stunning one at that) and i was there last week with my pal Lisa to celebrate the launch of their fall collection.

H&M Plaid Top Nina Ricci Navy Satin Slides M0851M0851 Soho store hangerM0851 Fall leather tote bagm0851 wall art soho store

I fell hard for these sleek leather envelope clutches, and it took me everything I had not to leave the store with one.m0851 leather envelope clutches fall 2013

They have the most stunning collection of softer-than-soft scarves. Again, they were hard to resist.
M0851 nyc soho store launch silk scarf wallM0851 Soho store Fall 2013 collection launch eventM0851 Fall 2013 collection launch event soho store burgundy leather goods clutch

Outfit details:
Plaid top - H&M (similar)
Leather shorts - Vintage (similar)
Shoes - Nina Ricci
Sunnies - Ray-Ban
Jacket - Gap men's (similar)

Truth be told, i wasn't going to do a blog post about it but i was re-smitten and felt like it was parallel to my point of view. And in the spirit of full disclosure, this is not a promoted or sponsored post, i am simply genuinely enthusiastic about the brand. If you're ever in SoHo, check out their store - 415 West Broadway.

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The Fashion Philosophy said...

Adore this! Looks super fun! And.. we LOVE the clutch!

Davie and Erica


Unknown said...

Loveeee the clutch and the leather wallets.

Take a look at my latest outfit post here:


Unknown said...

Love your shirt!


Unknown said...

Great pictures and also following you now :)

Chris x

Greetings from London,

inspired said...

Hi, thank you for your lovely cooment! I like your blog so I follow you on bloglovin and g+ :)

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Janne said...

The collection looks great! :) said...

Your blog is so adorable and I love the about me how you discovered your ultimate passion of writing after all your fashion work. The leather post and touch of neon were fun to read and you look great!

Following you now from Switzerland & CA
xoDale said...

Love this post and style of the blog especially the background of your work in fashion

Following you now from Switzerland & CA

Life's a shoe said...

great post! loving your outfit!

Unknown said...

you should probably for sure go back and get that leather envelope clutch. like, today.

Unknown said...

I love the pieces, they are all beautiful and your outfit is adorable! I love the plaid shirt and the heels.


Discount Voucher said...

Looks super fun! And.. we LOVE the clutch!
and I love the pieces, they are all beautiful and your outfit is adorable! I love the plaid shirt and the heels.

xoxo Kellz* said...

U look amazing in this outfit

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youngmildandfree said...

Wow love their stuff! And that looks like such a great showroom space. Thank you for stopping by my blog the other day!


Bessana Blue said...

great post, looks like fun ;)

nonnapuffo said...

It's a great look
I love tartan so much

Unknown said...

Lovely post!
have a nice day
xx Julien