Fashion Over Reason: 5 Pointz

Monday, November 25, 2013

5 Pointz

5 Pointz J Brand jeans Pour la Victoire H&M furry cardigan

In light of what happened last week, this post seems even more relevant now. You see, New York City has a lot of protected landmarks, spots with very unique pop culture relevance, as well as incomparable places with remarkable depth and soul, which are such rare commodities in today's authenticity void. Rare are areas that still have underground significance and that are beloved among appreciators and cult followers alike.

One of those spaces was 5 Pointz, an abandoned warehouse building in the Queens neighborhood of Long Island City. For 25 years, the owner of the structure allowed street artists to congregate there, making it one of those elusive venues that legally allowed graffiti to be showcased on the very canvas the craft was invented for: the streets. At 5 Pointz, spray can virtuosos bared their talent, honed their skill, displayed their creative mastery via the most mind-blowing, impressive, murals. Until now. Ian and I decided to explore that locale for our shoot last week, having learned that its date with destiny was a fatal one: it is to be torn down to build luxury condos by the end of next year. The ol' cliché. In an unanticipated twist, that ill fate was met sooner than anticipated, only a mere few days after our expedition (here is why). Our timing was more than perfect, it was lucky. See this as a final farewell, a special ode to what that place meant and a tribute to all the artists and fans that were touched, one way or another, by this amazing place.

Now, onto the sartorial details. I wanted to keep things simple in order to let the background shine and the cool factor at a certain level with a loose linen tee and a furry, cozy oversized cardigan. Another reason for why I wanted the canvas blank is because I was wearing these amazing earrings from Bauble Bar and I'm a big sucker for counteracting elements. Example: wearing something super masculine with a sexy pair of high heels, a baggy top with tight skinny jeans, a super casual look with a glam, bold lip, you catch my drift. So this ultra plain basic look with a mess of a top bun was jazzed up by my fancy drop earrings. I think my street cred just went up. Just sayin.

Furry cardigan J Brand green coated denim Saint Laurent Arty ring5 Pointz Graffiti Bauble Bar Opal galactic earringsH&M furry cardigan Chic Peek ring Saint Laurent arty ring5 Pointz J Brand green pants furry cardigan Pour la Victoire Lizette boots5 Pointz graffiti Oversized furry fluffy cardigan Bauble Bar Opal Galagtic earringsGraffiti street style furry cardigan Pour la Victoire boots Pour la Victoire Lizette patent leather bootsJ Brand Pour la Victoire H&MGraffiti 5 Pointz Long Island City Bauble Bar Opal Galactic Earrings5 Pointz NYC Ian Rusiana Photography
Photos by Ian Rusiana

Pants - J Brand (these were waxed but the coating didn't last past a couple washes, sadly)
Linen tee - H&M (similar)
Furry cardigan - H&M (similar)
Earrings - Bauble Bar
Boots - Pour la Victoire
Leather jacket - Mackage (similar)
Rings - Saint Laurent & Chic Peek
Bracelet - Coordinates Collection

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Unknown said...

Fantastic boots!

Fashion Tidbits said...

a fitting tribute!

Stephanie said...

That sweater!!! Those boots! and that background: so much to love in this post. Love when it happens serendipitously that you end up somewhere and read/learn something surprising just after: i.e, the condos at 5 pointz right after you'd shot there.
Meant to be.
The grafiti is a class act at 5 pointz ill say. Great background to your amazing look! So you, so simple but sharp. The textures in this look are what get me and the bold earrings: unexpected I'll say!

Ps: I feel you re: coated jeans. Somehow it's so hard to keep the coating on those once you wash them.
xoxo beauty!

Jade | The Jade Aesthetic said...

Really cool backdrop. It really is a shame that something so creative, and like you said, rare, got knocked down. Especially when it's to be replaced by something so unnecessary that I can't imagine would add much to the surrounding area. Good thing you got to document it *just* in time!

As for your outfit, you're killing me with those boots!! I am obsessed with the 'foot silhoeutte' heels give (can look so classy imo) and your boots give GOOD silhouette. And those earrings are so glam. The opal look they're giving off is so beautiful.

Jade | JadeFungBlog

Unknown said...

Beautiful jacket and earrings. love that they allowed for street artists to paint those walls.
Belen :)

Irina said...

Love your cardigan, and those boots are awesome!! However, I had Pour La Victoire shoes before and they weren't comfy at all. Are these comfortable?
Fantastic look!

Nikki Williams said...

love that jacket! and those earrings are amazing!


Maggie Main said...

Thank you for such the lovely post. I am in mourning over 5Pointz, I said my last goodbyes. It is wonderful to see someone interested in both fashion and art like me. xxxo


Amazing photos! xxx