Fashion Over Reason: Hump, Marry & Kill: Answering Refinery29's Call

Monday, November 11, 2013

Hump, Marry & Kill: Answering Refinery29's Call

I recently came across an article about trends on Refinery29 and I'm taking it as an invitation to participate. In a fun game of Hump, Marry & Kill, their editors each rounded up which trend they would associate which action to. I thought it would be fun if I, too, would share with you "the trends that [I'm] obsessed with now, those [I'll] love for eternity, and the fads [I'd] like to never see again". Yes, just like the game you used to play with your friends in high school about boys. Now your turn, tell me yours!

HUMP: Single Sole Mules

These shoes are all the rage and their 90s vibe is what has me completely taken. It must be noted that these are good only if single-soled and are best worn in the context of minimalism.

Mules Alexander Wang Jenni Kayne Fendi
Loving the mules too? Click to buy:

MARRY: The Boyfriend Blazer

Ok, so the boyfriend blazer was coined as a trend a few seasons ago but in my books, it's a full-on classic. This oversized piece is my go-to for instant outfit completion and on days where I'm feeling less inspired, it never fails to make me feel better about my outfit. It's the ultimate effortless off-duty item.

Boyfriend blazer T by Alexander Wang Theory Helmut Lang
Wanna marry this "trend" too? Click to buy:

KILL: The [LOOSE] Crop Top

Ok, so I wrote loose because I am especially not fond of those, but this goes for crop tops in general -- I was never a fan of these. Firstly, they feel very teeny bopper, but mostly, they are just the opposite of flattering on me. They make my torso look incredibly short and my chest look incredibly large. It is NOT a good look. The only girls who can pull this one off weigh 2 lbs. I wouldn't mind seeing the crop top die a quick death.

Crop tops loose tee
If you happen to be into the loose crop top (no judgement!), click to buy:


Chrissabella said...

I love everything about the 90's fashion comeback and makes finally wear all the cool things I wasn't aloud to wear when the were around first ;)

Greetings from London,

Life's a shoe said...

great post and thank you so much on your kind comment in my blog about the super typhoon.

Unknown said...

That white jacket is perfect!

sepatuholig-Grace Njio said...

oh my gawdddd.... I want those shoessss... all of them!!!

Unknown said...

loving that 1990s crop top..and yes, I'm into the crop tops hehe... thanks for sharing the scoop on this store!

Nikki Williams said...

i'm totally for the killing of the loose crop top. so not flattering to the average body type!


Maja K said...

Amazing shoes! You must love them, especially if they look so classy ;)
Thanks so much for your visit. I follow back via bloglovin #316 :) xx


Mónica Villar said...

Love your shoes
twitter & instagram : @fashionrlounge
Fashion room lounge

A chic kiss ;)

Stephanie said...

LOL no judgement re: crop top! I would kill the hervé Leger bandage dress...and marry the ankle bootie...among many other things lol. Love this post!

Unknown said...

Great shoes!!

Have a nice day!