Fashion Over Reason: Scarf It Up

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Scarf It Up

I like to think that hailing from the Great White North, I have become somewhat of a layering master. When looking at it from a utilitarian perspective, it's kind of a survival strategy, but when looking at it through fashion-colored glasses, it doubles as a very stylish stay-warm solution. The trick is to pile on elements of different shapes and cuts, like this oversized plush cardigan atop this loose tee. Had it been chillier, I could have squeezed a knit sweater in between, but it was unnecessary in this particular scenario.

One of the key elements for successful layering is, hands down, the scarf. The versions I like are: thick, plush, knitted, silky, infinity, in neutrals, and mostly in solids, with the occasional print to throw myself a curve ball. Such is the case yonder: with an outfit composed solely of impartial hues, this Subtle Luxury Spun Scarf was more than ideal to elevate my visual presentation. Have I made my case about Subtle Luxury yet? You saw my post about their cashmere last week (hopefully) and I can fully attest to the amazingness of their scarves too. Scroll down for a speciall discount code, but hurry, you only have until November 30th (hello, Christmas shopping)!!

Fall layering wide brim hat SalmagundiBailey of Hollywood velvet ASOS bootsBrick wall Cambridge BostonSubtle Luxury Spun Scarf Cobra print in blackPlush cardigan ankle skinny jeans velvet boots wide brim hat
Denim - Zara (similar)
Tee - H&M (similar)
Cardigan - H&M (similar)
Scarf - Subtle Luxury (similar)
Boots - ASOS
Hat - Baley of Hollywood from Salmagundi (similar)
Bag - Bottega Veneta
Sunnies - Ray-Ban
Necklace - Vintage (similar)
Ring - Saint Laurent

I've teamed up with Subtle Luxury so that you, too, can have a piece of this awesome line. They are offering 20% off all orders for Fashion Over Reason readers until November 30th! Head to their website and enter code Fashion20 at checkout. Happy shopping and let me know what you get!


Melissa dv said...

love the hat and the scarf x

Bianca Nieves said...

Those boots were definitely a great buy. They pull together your outfit so well! Love it xx

Nikki Williams said...

love that hat!


It's About L.A said...

Great look, love the jacket!

Jade | The Jade Aesthetic said...

I'm having a love affair with my scarf at the moment, actually wearing it in the house, partially because it's nice to look at (pretty much a huge camel-coloured blanket) and it's bloody cold! Layers are a MUST for me because I'm frozen outside but as soon as I step inside, it's suddenly 100 degrees?!

You look tres cool in the hat and boots!!

Jade | JadeFungBlog

Unknown said...

Gorgeous shoes. Very Alexa Chung!