Fashion Over Reason: Drawing Conclusions From My Unofficial Lifelong Study Based On My Own Observations

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Drawing Conclusions From My Unofficial Lifelong Study Based On My Own Observations

Trench coat blue jeans leather bag classic chic

If there's one thing that French girls have down pat (never mind their perfect skin and natural approach to, um, EVERYTHING), it's their effortless sartorial sensibility. No doubt that it's a cultural thing -- with minor exceptions, the laissez-faire chic allure is simply a way of being in France. There's no sensationalism, no painful strive for perfection or immaculateness, no desire to be obviously sexy, as it's just not how people are bread to think. I know this because I experienced it. I witnessed it. Coming from a French Canadian family who is deeply rooted into the French culture, I was immersed in its history, cinema, music, literature, celebrity system, fashion, style, way of life and gastronomy from a very young age. I also lived in Paris for half a year. It doesn't make me an expert, but it certainly helps provide great insight into a concept that eludes so many people.

Looking at it from my North American perspective, it became easier to decipher the mystery, as I was an outsider from the inside. Having a firm grasp and certain understanding of both cultures and way of life, the differences have become so clear to me. While there is no doubt a social norm to follow across the pond, it differs greatly to the one we have here: the motto Go Big or Go Home is not really in their vocabulary. That approach isn't exactly the greatest for each one of life's angles, but when it comes to style, it never fails. Their apparent (and aspirational) nonchalance is not for lack of caring, it simply is the mere result of having other things as priorities. And that is why, along with a majority of my cohorts, I draw endless inspiration from the place that gave us Coco and Christian.

In a recent discussion about sartorial paths, evolution and identity, my friend Stephanie asked me what it was that I used to wear in my soul-style-searching days, but that I would never in a million years don as my most contemporary self. I wasn't quick to answer because it was hard to put into words all of the nuances that make up the line between the Yes and No columns, but after mulling it over, as i tend do with everything, it became clearer and clearer: I simply would never wear loud patterns, kitschy girlie mismatched preppy prints or anything ostentatious. My affection for muted tones and neutrals has reached an all time high and continues to soar. And I'm pretty sure that it has a little thing (or two) to do with my ties with the French.

Gold oversized ID bracelet classic cool french style
Trench coat - Zara (similar)
Denim - J Brand (similar)
Boxy tee - Madewell
Loafers - Anthropologie (similar)
Bag - Vintage


Unknown said...

Great read!
wish to be one of the women who looks great no matter most of the french :)
Is it cold in nyc at the moment? I am coming over next week so i know what to pack :)

Blogger Bolat said...

Great blog :) I'll follow this blog :)

Nikki Williams said...

love that trench!


Jade | The Jade Aesthetic said...

I'm bookmarking this. If I could only write as eloquently as you!! Really enjoyed reading this. You're so spot on with your description of french style and I think you absolutely fit in with that. In a word, you're effortless!

Jade | JadeFungBlog


Great! xxx

Stephanie said...

Omgosh so happy I kick started the inspo for this post without even knowing it!

You definitely have the style thing down pat and I can definitely attest to how French culture has influenced your sartorial essence for the best no doubt! You totally get the nonchalance thing and your style speaks to that too.

BTW! Thanks soooo much for your super sweet final comment on LCCC ;) SO glad it forged our crossing paths! #meantobe


Chrissabella said...

This is such a great post, loved reading it and your outfit is simply amazing!

Greetings from London,