Fashion Over Reason: Launching Tips & Tricks: Ask FOR

Monday, December 2, 2013

Launching Tips & Tricks: Ask FOR

Leopard Peplum pink sharp blazer Sandro Anacondas slip-on sneakers

I hope everyone had an amazing long weekend (if you're in the US) or jut generally a good two-day break if you're in another wonderful place in this world. Can you believe we're already in December?! Have you marked your advent calendars? Christmastime, especially the weeks leading up to it, is my absolute favorite time of year. I know a lot of people hate the holidays and it's probably super uncool to feel festive, but I fully own it: I am a completely dedicated xmas elf. Which means my excitement level is at an all-time high circa now.

Anywayyyy, so I've been toying with an idea for a while now, and I figured there would be no better time to introduce something than the beginning of this joyful month, marking the end of the year and an impending fresh start in the new year. Since my hair post was such a success (thank you!), I thought I would offer my help on other topics that may cause you some grief. I love lending a hand and I already do it for a lot of fine persons in my private life, so why not extend this to you, my dear readers? I am by no means the end all be all reference guru on beauty and style, as the great thing about those worlds are that they thrive on complete subjectivity, but I do believe I may have something to offer.

If you like my taste and can relate to what I do here on the blog, send all your inquiries my way and I promise to make my very best attempt to answer your questions/dilemmas and provide all of the advice I can conjure. Got style problems? Fashion fears? Beauty struggles? Require fashion guidance? Do you have specific outfit needs? Send all of that my way and I will be more than happy to oblige. If you're skeptical about whether or not you can trust me, read about my credentials right here. I'm excited to share the tips and tricks I've acquired through years of aesthetic obsessiveness with you. I've always believed that sharing is caring, so why not spread the knowledge and experience that I've got? Leave me a comment or shoot me an email (, and I will dedicate every Sunday post to #askFOR. Looking forward to solving all of your quandaries!

Tips & Tricks: Ask FOR pink blazer leopard peplum top Sandro Anaconda slip on sneakers
Peplum top - H&M (similar)
Blazer - Zara (similar)
Denim - Zara (similar)
Sneakers - Sandro (similar)
Sunnies - Ray-Ban
Canine - #Wallyface


Emilie said...

Géééénial!!! J'ai beaucoup aimé lire le post sur la routine de ta coiffure, j'adore les posts qui sont élaborés comma ça haha! Pourrais-tu dédiquer un post à tes recettes préférées? T'as une ligne parfaite donc je suis curieuse :p

Bisous xoxo

ps ça fait longtemps que j'ai écrit sur mon blog mais lire le tien me donne toujours envie!!!

Emilie said...

oh et je viens de créer un profil Pinterest, je te suis! Woops j'ai une nouvelle addiction ... :p La raison pour laquelle je te laisse une commentaire pour dire cela c'est parce que j'ai mis une photo dans mon profil et je pensais que tu aimerais voir haha :p xoxo

Chrissabella said...

Gorgeous outfit! I also got the zara blazer and this is a gorgeous style inspo!

Greetings from London,

Unknown said...

that pink blazer is amazing!! love!


Anonymous said...

What a great idea Helene!
I certainly need a helping hand when it comes about makeup :)
Btw, such an amazing look, love it all! Adore the first pics, i had to put it on my tumblr, hope you don't mind ;)

Unknown said...

Oh my verrrd how did I not know how experienced you are in the industry? I'm in awe reading your about me!! I will fully keep you in mind when I next have a question or fashion dilemma! Should really hire you as my stylist.

Jade | JadeFungBlog

Elegance of Luxury said...

Lovely outfit! I love your blazer!



Amazing photos! <3

Maja K said...

Lovely photos & great idea about Q&A :) My question would be simple: What product would you reccomend for very dry hair (any favourites about this)? xx


Unknown said...

Sounds great!
My question is to know your beauty secrets because your skin looks always so amazing!

Stephanie said...

OK!!! A) this outfit!!! monayyyyyyyyy! Love that H&M score on you! and B) SOOOO happy to see that AHMAZING pic of you in the yellow dresses graces that about you page~! SO SO STUNNING!!!! I just love that pic!

This new FOR content is such a GREAt idea! I cant wait to read your tips posts and I love how engaged your readers already are with the idea!