Fashion Over Reason: Miami Art Basel 2013

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Miami Art Basel 2013

Wynwood Walls Art Basel Miami 2013

I apologize in advance if art isn't your thing, but you may still find something interesting in these pics, like, say, what I was wearing while looking at the art in question. I mentioned yesterday that I'd be posting about my trip to Art Basel this week and I've decided to break it down into 3 different posts (or 4 if you count yesterday's), since there were so many photos and narrowing it down wasn't an option I was willing to consider. I'm sure you'll thank me, because one of the major points for me to even attend this reunion of creative forces was to share my experience with you and to have you join me in my awestruck state.

I'd been to Miami countless times before, but admittedly, my visits never saw me veer too far from the South Beach vicinity outside from the ride to and from the airport. So what the actual city had to offer besides amazing parties, beautiful beaches, lots of skin and silicone body parts completely eluded me. That is no longer the case: you guys, Miami is so amazing beyond its infamous Ocean Drive/Collins Avenue strip. And I have a hunch that it has its creativity and design legacy to thank for its current burgeoning art scene. Sure, it's the North American mecca of Latin flair and trust me, one of the highlights of my week was having an authentic Cuban meal (sorry, no pics of that -- I was too busy feasting), but it is also a place that is known for its architecture (art deco, anyone?), its ultra-specific design aesthetic, as well as its major art power players, whether it's the street scene or private collections.

While Art Basel has been around since the early aughts, it's been getting more and more traction in the last few years. Not sure what it's attributed to, but one could guess that the Florida sunshine, palm trees and the people's penchant for fêting has something to do with it. Although once you're there, the art events alone are reason enough to want to stay and marvel. If you're remotely interested in that world, but not exactly a buyer (like myself), there is SO MUCH to see, if not the free galleries, all the street art in the Wynwood section, or the pop-up events going on just about everywhere from the design district to SoBe. And lest we forget the funner-than-fun fashion parties. It's no secret that art and fashion have canoodled for centuries, fashion even often being considered one of art's many branches, so it makes perfect sense that brands would want to generate some hype by being present at one of the year's biggest creative gatherings. I had no idea that Wynwood was essentially a life size legal street art canvas. It was seriously mind-blowing, i don't really know how else to put it...

In part one of my Art Basel recap, you'll find me reunited with my girl Lisa, a true local who just moved back there and proved to be the best tour guide ever -- btw, watch out for her new Wynwood store, MiMo Market coming May 2013!! -- where we took great pleasure in gallery hopping, checking out the night street art scene, and basking in the incomparable sunshine. See the end of the post for more info on the artists featured below.

Miami Beach bridgeArt Basel Multitudes GalleryJean-Claude Legagneur Vanity 2Miami Art Basel 2013 WynwoodFeed me Gremlin Wynwood Art Basel 2013In motion Tibi topFavela Painting BrazilFavela Painting street art installation Miami Art Basel 2013All black leather pants Adidas GazellesStreet art warrior girl Wynwood Miami Art BaselLemoni Miami Design District white wine red blazer gold vintage jewelryWynwood Miami Art BAsel Tibi culottes Zara ebra print sandalsYour clothing makes great canvasAlexander Mijares La Calavera series skulls Art Basel Miami 2013Alexander Mijares life size ballerina steel sculpture Miami Art BaselGraffit wall big airMiami sunset pink skyFavela Painting Jeroen Koolhaas Dre UrhahnMiami ocean blue seagulls palm treeTupac mural by Kobra Wynwood Miami Art Basel 2013Alexander Mijares life size Ballerina On Point stainless steel sculpture Miami Art Basel 2013Peter Tunney art piece installation Miami Art Basel 2013Peter Tunney responsibility of the artist Miami Art Basel 2013Miami sunshine blue skies palm treeHommage a Mondrian by Nicole Furman Miami Art Basel 2013South Beach Miami sunsetPhil Fung truck mural street art Miami Art Basel 2013I'll wait for you here Say you'll be back Miami Art Basel 2013Logan Hicks mural Wynwood Walls Miami Art Basel 2013

Information about the artists:

Alexander Mijares
Favela Painting
Peter Tunney
Phil Fung
Logan Hicks

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