Fashion Over Reason: January 2014

Thursday, January 30, 2014


Josephine Skriver Elle Sweden, lounging, onesie, knitwear jumpsuit, Celine Chinatown print slip-on sneakers

There's womenswear, menswear, outerwear... I hereby proclaim there should also be weekendwear. Not in a sloppy velour Juicy Couture sweat suit kind of way, but in a casual, tasteful, easy attire manner. Let's make weekendwear official! So as you can tell, my getup below isn't exactly high fashion, far from it. But I've been struggling to get back on the health train (which explains my ghostly grin), it's about -100 degrees (in both Celsius and Fahrenheit at this point) and the primary motivation while getting dressed is layers, layers, layers. I took two pieces that generate a lot of heat: 1) a cashmere button down shirt (disclaimer: I shamelessly stole it from my husband) and 2) an oversized wool grandpa cardigan -- the combo kills two birds with one stone in terms of warmth and adding a little flair. My pompom hat and old school hand-crafted Canadian moccasins do the rest. In fact come to think of it, this getup is kind of SoCal, right? (well, if it were to ever get cold down there...)

Lanvin wool grandpa cardigan, Ralph Lauren Purple Label menswear cashmere button down, weekend wear, casual, tomboy, moccasins, pompom beanie tuque
Cashmere button down - Ralph Lauren Purple Label (similar)
Grandpa cardigan - Lanvin (similar)
Denim - Zara (similar)
Moccasins - hand crafter in Canada (similar)
Necklace - Rings & Tings (similar)
Hat - Gap (similar)

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sneaker Head

Sneaker head, Adidas Gazelles, burgundy & blue, old school footwear shoes

If anyone would have told me a few years ago that in 2013-2014 I would be head over heels with, um, the opposite of heels, I would have broken out in one of those deep, heavy, cliché evil laughs. Me? In what? Sneakers, you say? You MUST be joking. I was such a shoe snob (and admittedly, my standards are high- I still am) and could never have fathomed sporting sport shoes. In fact, such footwear was so foreign to me that had it miraculously appeared below my knees, I most likely would have exclaimed something along the lines of "THAT FOOT DOES NOT BELONG TO ME!" My idea of casual footwear was a platform instead of a single sole high heel. To the extent that when I did engage in flats-wearing, I was uncomfortable and my calves would end up being sore for a couple of days following the experience.

I full-heartedly admit that I let myself be defined by my shoe choices: I did not feel comfortable, neither physically nor mentally, in anything under a 3.5 inch elevation point (4 being my sweet spot, 5 being a tad too much). When whispers of the sky high heel being placed on the endangered fashion species list were being heard around 2010, I scoffed in mighty abhorrence: "yeah, right." In a way, i was right: even with the kitten heel getting its 15 minutes (Stella being the only one who made me pause to even consider the trend), the high heel is an intrinsic part of fashion and style: it's never going away. But I have come to realize that while the magical thing known to mankind as the epitome of femininity in a shoe will forever be a staple, it might run into some stiff competition through the seasons, where something new comes along and tries to go from understudy to main star. Like, as I just mentioned, the kitten heel a few years back, and more recently: the sneaker. In all shapes, really: the Nike Free Run, the old school Stan Smiths, the skater slip-on and, more recently, the couture version.

Once reserved for the gym and the working woman's commute, the sneaker has seen more reincarnations in the past two years than probably its whole entire existence. But what is it that made me gravitate towards this alien footwear? It had literally been years since my hoofs had been acquainted with the utilitarian shoe, and while initially trainers couldn't have found themselves any further removed from my comfort zone, along the way a shift was felt, very organically, in the the direction of the genre I once shunned. Somehow, somewhere, someway, I didn't question my identity when I slipped them on. I wasn't skeptical about whether or not I could pull them off. They didn't feel awkward or uncomfortable, au contraire. To my surprise, sneakers felt familiar and natural. Suddenly, they were a part of every stylish girl's fashion vocabulary, but to me, it felt like it was all happening on another level. Unlike a trend or a passing fad, my newfound (or as I were later to find out upon introspection, my re-found) connection with athletic shoes were an affair of the past resurfacing.

Last week, we talked about my tomboy ways of yesteryear and the week before that, about my long-time liaison with the very sneakers you see yonder. This type of footwear was already a part of my repertoire (granted a really far, tucked away one) and that is precisely why I was instinctively attracted to the trend and not repulsed by it. Like the skies opening up after a dark storm, it all suddenly made sense to me: they say that fashion is emotional for women, and sure enough, the running shoes were to me a nostalgic call from my youth. It turns out I was just coming full shoe circle.

Wintertime, NYC New York City, Central Park, Snow, long grey Club Monaco coat, clean lines, minimalism, tuxedoAmerican Apparel black beanie, Club Monaco menswear overcoat, all black, vintage leopard print pouch, messy blond hair, Splendid turtleneckSplendid Turtleneck, black and grey, monochromatic, Club Monaco coat, American Apparel beanie, outerwear, winter, blonde, messy hairGold  oversized ID bracelet, beanie, tuque, cold weather, outerwear, long grey overcoat, Splendid knit turtleneck, leopard print, animal print pouch, minimalismMonochrome, black, grey, leopard print, Lanvin tuxedo pants, tomboy, borrowed from the boys, menswear influence, knit beanieMenswear inspired, masculine, unisex, tuxedo pants, tuxedo dressing, all black, minimalism, sneakers, running shoes, Adidas, Gazelle, clean linesBurgundy and blue old school Adidas Gazelle sneakers running shoes, Lanvin tuxedo pants, cobble stone
Photos by Ian Rusiana

Turtleneck - Splendid
Tuxedo pants - Lanvin (similar)
Coat - Club Monaco (similar)
Beanie - American Apparel (similar)
Sneakers - Adidas
Bracelets - Coordinates Collection & Hysteric Co.(similar)
Leopard print pouch - Vintage (similar)

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Public Service Announcement

Good morning guys, I hope you all had an amazing and relaxing weekend. If we're friends on other various social networks, you're aware that I was not in top shape this past week, which sadly extended into the weekend. At least I don't get sick very often, so it's excusable -- i got my once a year germ infestation, fine. Which leads me to this PSA: I'm sorry that I don't haven't had some content for you in the past few days, as I was pretty much useless, but I am extremely pleased to report that I am feeling much, much better (I'd put myself at 90%) and regular posting should resume tomorrow XX.

In other news, did you guys watch the Grammys last night?? Were you following my peanut gallery on twitter? Tell me whose dress you loved (and hated) click here to see my best dressed!

Outerwear Woolrich parka, H&M striped knit, Dogeared Healing Gem chain necklace, blonde, short hair, casual Sunday

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Camo Feet & Tomboy Jibber-Jabber

Camo Crew Cuts J.Crew MacAlister kids shoes, tomboy

I love borrowing from the boys. I blame attribute my tomboy tendencies to growing up sandwiched between two brothers, and consequently was always the furthest thing from a girlie girl. I shunned dresses, was embarrassed to wear makeup until I was about fifteen, preferred friendships with guys and wasn't at all interested in anything remotely feminine. Needless to say, I was a late bloomer. I was nowhere near comfortable with asserting any semblance of femininity throughout my formative years and looking back now, I suspect it had something to do with a lack of females in my age group present in my surroundings. My entourage consisted solely of the opposite sex and all a kid really wants it to just be part of the gang, right?

I was secretly dying to get my fashion on and as I blossomed, things started coming together -- maturity made me embrace the fact that I was in fact a girl and, gasp!, I loved being one. But a tiger never loses its stripes and strong masculine influences will not only always be a part of my sartorial identity, but simply a part of my core. I am endlessly inspired my menswear, I like to play with unisex proportions and pieces, and I can't stand anything with ruffles and bows (on myself -- some ladies are perfect for that kind of stuff). When my husband can't find his shirts, it's usually because I stole them and they are sitting somewhere in my closet.

So it won't exactly come as a shock if I told you that I tend to peruse the mens and boys departments when I engage in a little retail therapy. Exhibit A: the camo Macalister shoes from J.Crew I am wearing yonder. They are a score from the boys (as in kids) collection -- one of the few perks of having hoofs instead of feet. I've always been extremely attracted to this type of shoe and have coveted the Clark's desert boots for years, yet never acted on my lust (so much self-restraint!) and have always opted for the Wallabees instead (I have two pairs). The J.Crew MacAlister falls into this category and when I spotted this camo version in the kid section, I couldn't resist. They are CRAZY GOOD and feel just like pillows on your feet, i highly recommend getting a pair if, like me, you feel comfortable in your masculinity.

Gap beanie pompom hat tuque J brand Jeans J.Crew MacAlister camo shoes SOLO EyewearLeopard animal print mittens, camo J.Crew MAcalister boys kids shoes, Crew Cuts, denim, Joe Fresh coat outerwear, vintage fur collar, pompom beanie
Coat - Joe Fresh (similar)
Jeans - J Brand (similar)
Shoes - J.Crew
Fur scarf - Vintage (similar)
Hat - Gap
Sunnies - Solo Eyewear (similar)
Mitts - H&M (similar)

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Big White

Vintage fur coat, Madewell denim shirt, snow globe, winter wonderland, central park, new york

No matter how much of a pain in the derrière winter can prove to be, there is absolutely no denying that it makes one hell of a beautiful tableau. At the end of the day, us Eastcoasters are stuck with the cold weather for a solid chunk of the year, so there comes a point where you just have to lie in your bed. That is precisely why instead of curling up on my sofa, snuggled in my my favorite cozy knit throw with a hot chocolate in hand during this blizzard, Ian and I gathered our courage stuff and made our way to the streets park to capture the true beauty offered by New York City under a white blanket of snow. I've dubbed it The Snow Globe Syndrome (SGS) -- it's Central Park's specialty.

There is little that will keep you as warm as a fur coat would and thanks to my trusty Big White (don't worry, it's vintage), I was nice and toasty, in spite of what my red face might lead you to believe in these photos. I felt a little bit country western in my brocade pants and denim shirt, especially with the spirit of the boots. Throwing a ginormous fur coat over top of that just accentuated the fact that I may have been dressed for a day at the rodeo. Not a vibe I tend to go for, but still totally staying true to myself with the streamlined and unfussy nature of this outfit.

Central Park NYC, Wintertime, snowflakes, fur coat, brocade pants, denim shirt, Ray-Ban aviators, Pour la Victoire patent leather bootsWinter, park bench, Central Park, New York, white fur coat vintage, brocade pants Zara, patent leather boots, Pour la VictoireDenim button down Madewell Vintage leather bag, white fur coat, black brocade pantsCentral Park winter wonderland, snow, white fur coat, black brocade pants, Pour la Victoire bootsBlack leather vintage bag, denim shirt, fur, wool knit homemade gloves, outerwear, wintertimeSnowy nyc, New York, Central Park, outerwear, snow globe, snow storm, vintage leather bagZara black brocade pants slit, Jenny Bird bracelet, Coordinates Collection cuff, Pour la Victoire patent leather bootsOuterwear, bundling up, wintertime, snowy, white fur, leather bag, ray-ban aviator sunglasses, knit glovesDenim shirt, black brocade pants, white fur, aviator sunglasses, blond hair, wintertime, Central Park, NYCMessy hair, Ray-Ban aviators, Dogeared necklace, Madewell boyfriend denim shirt, gold ID braceletHair flip, Ray-ban classic aviator sunglasses gold green, white fur coat, vintage, wintertime, outerwearPark bench, lack brocade pants, Pour la Victoire patent leather boots
Photos by Ian Rusiana

Fur coat - Vintage (similar)
Denim shirt - Madewell
Brocade pants - Zara (similar)
Boots - Pour la Victoire
Bag - Vintage (similar)
Knit gloves - Vintage (made by my grandma) (similar)
Sunnies - Ray-Ban
Bangles - Jenny Bird (similar) & Coordinates Collection
ID bracelet - Hysteric Co. (similar)

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Monday, January 20, 2014

New Year, New Hair

Blonde blond bob hair cut big chop green eyes

Yep, i cut my hair (you're already aware if you follow me on instagram). I've had my lid hovering between my chin and a tad below my shoulders for the past 5 years -- as we learned thanks to my embarrassing timeline diagram -- but I'd gotten so lazy with it these past 12 months that it actually got to a point where it was long. I cannot stand having long hair. With the arrival of the new year, a change needed to happen -- I had to chop it. Voilà.

What's your hair length? Have you ever had some crazy hair moments?

Hair cut big chop wispy blonde bob stripe knit bauble bar opal galactic earrings
Wearing: H&M sweater (similar) & BaubleBar earrings.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

So Close, Yet So Far

Black & Navy Balenciaga skirt COS navy peplum

Have you ever pondered what makes people's aesthetic points of view so different from one another? The thought functionality that sends the message from the eye to the brain is extremely complex, I'm sure of it, but what makes it a positive or negative relay? Certainly, it's a process dependent of a person's environment and a lifetime of what they've been exposed to, but what encompasses diverging opinions? No matter, the world would be a sad, dull place without them, but it remains great food for thought.

I am indeed guilty of going a little deep (perhaps a tad too deep) while ruminating on color pairings. It's a well-known thing to shun certain hue couplings, like the one I'm wearing here: black and navy blue. But why? Because they are too close a match, yet too different from one another? Bullocks. While they are a clash by certain standards, it happens to be my number one favorite color match of all time. There is something so chic and elegant about it, I cannot understand how some people would not be able to appreciate it. Maybe it has something to do with inner wires? Again, too deep...

What are your thoughts on black and navy worn together: yay or nay?

COS textured navy peplum top Balenciaga flippy skirt blondie YSL purple lips Pour la Victoire patent leather bootsYves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Forbidden Burgundy Jenny Bird gold snake cuff Coordinates Collection bracelet
Top - COS (similar)
Skirt - Balenciaga (similar)
Boots - Pour la Victoire
Thin bracelets - Jenny Bird (similar)& Coordinates Collection
Wide bracelet - Vintage (similar)
Lips - YSL Rouge Volupté #12 in Forbidden Burgundy

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pining For Pinstripe

Bailey of Hollywood burgundy wide brim hat

The topic of dressing for cold weather is getting to be a recurring subject on this blog, but the season is nowhere near over and therefore an ongoing issue. When you're lucky enough to live in a place where winter is not inflicted with snow, you can still wear normal shoes even if you need to bundle up (read: retain your sense of style pride), which is thankfully the case in NYC most of the time. We shot these photos on an extremely cold, windy day but somehow being on the beautiful streets of peaceful Tribeca made up for it.

Moving right along onto a more interesting subject: the pinstripe trend. It became one of the season's biggest must-haves when Stella put it down the runway and admittedly, when Stella says jump, I say how high. There was no way I wasn't partaking in what was to become the pinstripe craze. While the actual stripes I'm sporting are teeny weeny and barely visible, these super cute cropped newsboy shape pants are indeed in the trendy pattern typically reserved for menswear. What are your thoughts on pinstripes?

Tribeca NYC photo by Ian RusianaOuterwear wide brim hat Salmagundi Bailey of Hollywood fur collar Joe Fresh coatNYC Tribeca park bench red brick buildingsTibi pinstripe pants Rag & Bone brown leather Harrow boots Bailey of Hollywood burgundy wide brim hatTibi pinstrip crop pant Rag & Bone Harrow boots brown leather H&M faux fur mittens Ray-Ban aviators green gold classic Joe Fresh black coat wide brim fedora hat vintage fur collarDowntown New York Tribeca crop pinstripe pants Tibi Rag & Bone boyfriend coatBrown leather Harrow bootsPhoto by Ian Rusiana pinstripe crop pants Tibi Rag & Bone Harrow bootsJoe Fresh boyfriend coat NYC park by Ian RusianaVintage fur collar burgundy wide brim fedora Bailey of Hollywood Salmagundi Boston
Photos by Ian Rusiana

Coat - Joe Fresh (similar)
Pants - Tibi (similar)
Boots - Rag & Bone
Fur collar - Vintage (similar)
Hat - Bailey of Hollywood (similar)
Bag - Bottega Veneta
Sunnies - Ray-Ban

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ask FOR #4: The Winter Boot Saga

Ask FOR Fur hood golden glow blonde winter boot saga

If you live in a warm climate, more power to you, but you won't really be able to relate to this post, unforch. For the rest of us: help is here! I got a special request from a friend who, like most of us, was at a complete loss when it came to wintertime footwear. You see, footwear becomes über-limited upon extreme weather conditions and this happens to be a very serious predicament for the following reasons:

1. How are you supposed to plan your outfit when you can't consider shoes to be a part of it?
2. How are you supposed to look, let alone FEEL cute and good if your only footwear option is a pair of ginormous galoshes?
3. How does one feel remotely feminine when what's out there is literally anything but?
4. Finding something that is both stylish and weather-conducive is equivalent to looking for a needle in a haystack.
5. It can put you in a style rut faster than you can say winter is here.

For this reason, I've scoured the world wide web to bring you the best of the best of what's out there. It's incredible what you can find when you do a little digging. While your nearest Footlocker might not be ripe with options, you cannot be afraid to look further: chances are, the boots for you are probably not located in your town and you have to be a dedicated excavator to be able to come to a satisfying (even exciting) find -- and yes, it is possible! It's also the best time of year to be shopping for boots because EVERYTHING IS ON SALE.

Now, depending on your geographic location, the degrees of winter will vary (read: hardcoreness of boots). Example: the gal who lives in Minnesota or Canada's Prairies will not have the same needs as the New York City girl, or the ladies nesting on the Northern West Coast. Which is why I've divided the boot loots in three different categories:

1. The City Girl -- for the lady whose humble abode happens to be located in a place that is indeed cold, but the streets and sidewalks she frequents are always clear of snow and slush.

2. Moderate Winter -- for those who need boots to weather the weather (pun intended), but not to an extreme degree.

3. Hardcore Forecast -- you know who you are.

Final words: stay warm!

Ask FOR winter boots saga city girl Louboutin Pajar Isabel Marant J.crew Toms Anniel Timberland

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1st row: Gianvito Rossi / Isabel Marant / Modcloth / Pajar
2nd row: Christian Louboutin / Le Chameau / OluKai / Roxy / Timberland
3rd row: Bronx / Anniel / TOMS / J.Crew

Ask FOR winter boot saga moderate winter Aigle Tretorn Burberry Northface Pedro Garcia Sperry Topsider Sorel Jack Wills Ilse Jacobsen Hornbaek

- Click to buy -
1st row: Aigle / Ilse Jacobsen Hornbaek / Ilse Jacobsen Hornbaek / Tretorn
2nd row: Burberry / The NorthFace / Pedro Garcia
3rd row: Sperry Topsider for J.Crew / Sorel / Jack Wills

Ask FOR winter boot saga Moon Boots Sorel Cougar Uggs LL Bean Pajar United Nude Northface Moncler

- Click to buy -
1st row: Tecnica / Sorel / Cougar / Ugg Australia
2nd row: Northside / United Nude / Pajar / The NorthFace
3rd row: Moncler / Sorel / LL Bean

Send your fashion queries, style dilemmas, beauty issues my way and chances are, it'll be the topic of my next #AskFOR column!