Fashion Over Reason: Ask FOR #4: The Winter Boot Saga

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ask FOR #4: The Winter Boot Saga

Ask FOR Fur hood golden glow blonde winter boot saga

If you live in a warm climate, more power to you, but you won't really be able to relate to this post, unforch. For the rest of us: help is here! I got a special request from a friend who, like most of us, was at a complete loss when it came to wintertime footwear. You see, footwear becomes über-limited upon extreme weather conditions and this happens to be a very serious predicament for the following reasons:

1. How are you supposed to plan your outfit when you can't consider shoes to be a part of it?
2. How are you supposed to look, let alone FEEL cute and good if your only footwear option is a pair of ginormous galoshes?
3. How does one feel remotely feminine when what's out there is literally anything but?
4. Finding something that is both stylish and weather-conducive is equivalent to looking for a needle in a haystack.
5. It can put you in a style rut faster than you can say winter is here.

For this reason, I've scoured the world wide web to bring you the best of the best of what's out there. It's incredible what you can find when you do a little digging. While your nearest Footlocker might not be ripe with options, you cannot be afraid to look further: chances are, the boots for you are probably not located in your town and you have to be a dedicated excavator to be able to come to a satisfying (even exciting) find -- and yes, it is possible! It's also the best time of year to be shopping for boots because EVERYTHING IS ON SALE.

Now, depending on your geographic location, the degrees of winter will vary (read: hardcoreness of boots). Example: the gal who lives in Minnesota or Canada's Prairies will not have the same needs as the New York City girl, or the ladies nesting on the Northern West Coast. Which is why I've divided the boot loots in three different categories:

1. The City Girl -- for the lady whose humble abode happens to be located in a place that is indeed cold, but the streets and sidewalks she frequents are always clear of snow and slush.

2. Moderate Winter -- for those who need boots to weather the weather (pun intended), but not to an extreme degree.

3. Hardcore Forecast -- you know who you are.

Final words: stay warm!

Ask FOR winter boots saga city girl Louboutin Pajar Isabel Marant J.crew Toms Anniel Timberland

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1st row: Gianvito Rossi / Isabel Marant / Modcloth / Pajar
2nd row: Christian Louboutin / Le Chameau / OluKai / Roxy / Timberland
3rd row: Bronx / Anniel / TOMS / J.Crew

Ask FOR winter boot saga moderate winter Aigle Tretorn Burberry Northface Pedro Garcia Sperry Topsider Sorel Jack Wills Ilse Jacobsen Hornbaek

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1st row: Aigle / Ilse Jacobsen Hornbaek / Ilse Jacobsen Hornbaek / Tretorn
2nd row: Burberry / The NorthFace / Pedro Garcia
3rd row: Sperry Topsider for J.Crew / Sorel / Jack Wills

Ask FOR winter boot saga Moon Boots Sorel Cougar Uggs LL Bean Pajar United Nude Northface Moncler

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1st row: Tecnica / Sorel / Cougar / Ugg Australia
2nd row: Northside / United Nude / Pajar / The NorthFace
3rd row: Moncler / Sorel / LL Bean

Send your fashion queries, style dilemmas, beauty issues my way and chances are, it'll be the topic of my next #AskFOR column!


Emilie said...

Great post Hélène, I love these ones the most on your blog (for the moment haha)! The winters here are moderate really (and for the moment the winter is no winter - it's weirdly warm for the time of year) but my favourite ones are the moonboots of course! I love those ugly pieces of shoes so much and I could wear them all day hahah! Whenever the snow falls I always wear them because they are sooo comfy and they are not as delicate as my Uggs! Also because they never succeed in making the sidewalks ice-free and once I feel three times in fifteen minutes because I was wearing regular boots - it still hurts hah! If only they were fashionable :D :D xxx

Unknown said...

This was helpful. I'VE always been looking for the perfect winter boot. We just got our first snow so i'll need them :)

Natalie said...

So many adorable boots! I can't decide which one I like the best!

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Natalie said...

So many adorable boots! I can't decide which one I like the best!

Trending In Fashion
Dressale Giveaway

Maggie Main said...

This is so amazing! You helped me with my next purchase! Thank you! The streets of Boston are always crazy slushy in the winters and I hate ruining all my shoes! xx

Nikki Williams said...

so many cute options!


Unknown said...

LOVE so many of these boots! Great post!

Unknown said...

Nice boots sweetie! NEW POST in my blog, trends for him and for her from AMSTERDAM


strike the pose said...

I really love the leopard ones from City Girl! And the Isabel Marants, of course ;)

xxx Linsey from POSE-BLOG.COM

Samantha Mariko said...

It does snow in tokyo but not too much so I would probably stick to the "city girl" category. I like my footwear to be cute :) Cool post!

Madame Poupée said...

moonboots the best!

Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

You did a wonderful job with the selection, though I must admit, I never found it difficult to live through a typical Russian winter and suffer as far as my choice of footwear went… I still wore beautiful (mostly) italian made boots and booties, but since they were made to suit the weather, most were fur lined, so whilst they looked beautiful from the outside, they were toasty and soft inside. :) And I also loved combat style with a chunky sock for walking through the snow. :)

Samiya Cusman said...

I really needed this post, i'm searching for a pair of winter footwear and this is incredibly helpful!

cdb223 said...

I just bought a pair of No. 6 shearling lined mid wedge winter boots---looking forward to trudging through the slush with them in BK! Though they may not be the best for a blizzard, they will keep my feet toasty warm during these polar vortexes! And has a bunch of them on sale right now woop!

cdb223 said...

I just bought a pair of the no.6 mid wedge heel shearling lined boots in black/black on sale from Maybe not the best for a blizzard (they are waterproof leather and suede) but great for polar vortexes here in BK! So cozy!

Stephanie said...

Tried to comment when this post first published and it didnt work from my phone. finally have a wifi connection and had to write a comment.

OHMANNNNNNNNN. i feel like sooo many people probbaly LOVE this post! unfortunately for me I am in the hardcore winter category, which literally makes me despise Jan and feb because every day feels like a winter outfit crisis, but the options you offer are def awesome! You know me: totally adopted the hardcore boots, which is exactly why I spent these two months in a STYLE RUT!!! they can only do one look. Alas, thank goodness for the freezing cold weather days that actually make the snow/slush dissipate and enter, moderate footwear for the style win!

Alas: Is is spring yet?! LOL. #canadianproblems

Unknown said...

nice blog