Fashion Over Reason: Camo Feet & Tomboy Jibber-Jabber

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Camo Feet & Tomboy Jibber-Jabber

Camo Crew Cuts J.Crew MacAlister kids shoes, tomboy

I love borrowing from the boys. I blame attribute my tomboy tendencies to growing up sandwiched between two brothers, and consequently was always the furthest thing from a girlie girl. I shunned dresses, was embarrassed to wear makeup until I was about fifteen, preferred friendships with guys and wasn't at all interested in anything remotely feminine. Needless to say, I was a late bloomer. I was nowhere near comfortable with asserting any semblance of femininity throughout my formative years and looking back now, I suspect it had something to do with a lack of females in my age group present in my surroundings. My entourage consisted solely of the opposite sex and all a kid really wants it to just be part of the gang, right?

I was secretly dying to get my fashion on and as I blossomed, things started coming together -- maturity made me embrace the fact that I was in fact a girl and, gasp!, I loved being one. But a tiger never loses its stripes and strong masculine influences will not only always be a part of my sartorial identity, but simply a part of my core. I am endlessly inspired my menswear, I like to play with unisex proportions and pieces, and I can't stand anything with ruffles and bows (on myself -- some ladies are perfect for that kind of stuff). When my husband can't find his shirts, it's usually because I stole them and they are sitting somewhere in my closet.

So it won't exactly come as a shock if I told you that I tend to peruse the mens and boys departments when I engage in a little retail therapy. Exhibit A: the camo Macalister shoes from J.Crew I am wearing yonder. They are a score from the boys (as in kids) collection -- one of the few perks of having hoofs instead of feet. I've always been extremely attracted to this type of shoe and have coveted the Clark's desert boots for years, yet never acted on my lust (so much self-restraint!) and have always opted for the Wallabees instead (I have two pairs). The J.Crew MacAlister falls into this category and when I spotted this camo version in the kid section, I couldn't resist. They are CRAZY GOOD and feel just like pillows on your feet, i highly recommend getting a pair if, like me, you feel comfortable in your masculinity.

Gap beanie pompom hat tuque J brand Jeans J.Crew MacAlister camo shoes SOLO EyewearLeopard animal print mittens, camo J.Crew MAcalister boys kids shoes, Crew Cuts, denim, Joe Fresh coat outerwear, vintage fur collar, pompom beanie
Coat - Joe Fresh (similar)
Jeans - J Brand (similar)
Shoes - J.Crew
Fur scarf - Vintage (similar)
Hat - Gap
Sunnies - Solo Eyewear (similar)
Mitts - H&M (similar)

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Unknown said...

Great look!

Unknown said...

Great look!

Mica said...

Those are awesome printed shoes! :)

Away From Blue

Unknown said...

Cool shoes!

Nikki Williams said...

i love these! the style is so fun!

Unknown said...

Absolutely love these shoes!! Great post-you know I love the tomboy look :)

Unknown said...

You rock the shoes so well!! Cool!!