Fashion Over Reason: So Close, Yet So Far

Thursday, January 16, 2014

So Close, Yet So Far

Black & Navy Balenciaga skirt COS navy peplum

Have you ever pondered what makes people's aesthetic points of view so different from one another? The thought functionality that sends the message from the eye to the brain is extremely complex, I'm sure of it, but what makes it a positive or negative relay? Certainly, it's a process dependent of a person's environment and a lifetime of what they've been exposed to, but what encompasses diverging opinions? No matter, the world would be a sad, dull place without them, but it remains great food for thought.

I am indeed guilty of going a little deep (perhaps a tad too deep) while ruminating on color pairings. It's a well-known thing to shun certain hue couplings, like the one I'm wearing here: black and navy blue. But why? Because they are too close a match, yet too different from one another? Bullocks. While they are a clash by certain standards, it happens to be my number one favorite color match of all time. There is something so chic and elegant about it, I cannot understand how some people would not be able to appreciate it. Maybe it has something to do with inner wires? Again, too deep...

What are your thoughts on black and navy worn together: yay or nay?

COS textured navy peplum top Balenciaga flippy skirt blondie YSL purple lips Pour la Victoire patent leather bootsYves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Forbidden Burgundy Jenny Bird gold snake cuff Coordinates Collection bracelet
Top - COS (similar)
Skirt - Balenciaga (similar)
Boots - Pour la Victoire
Thin bracelets - Jenny Bird (similar)& Coordinates Collection
Wide bracelet - Vintage (similar)
Lips - YSL Rouge Volupté #12 in Forbidden Burgundy

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very cute outfit, i love your blog am following

Unknown said...

love! navy is one of my favorite colors... so classic and timeless... just like black and white!

Lady à la Mode

Unknown said...

this is perfect! and i love that top!


shoegirl said...

Definite yay! Why not? It's like white after labor day or no miniskirts after 35 - if you like it, then rock it. Besides, they're both neutrals and neutrals always go together.

Unknown said...

I love your outfit the special one <3


Simona said...

Such an elegant look! And really like your hair style dear <3

DORIS said...

You look really cool, I love it!

Unknown said...

So beautiful!

I need boots like that..inspired!

Unknown said...

Wow! Great outfit!