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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Rings & Tings

Rings & Tings jewelry, vintage spine ear cuffs, minimal gold tone necklace, crystal metallic spike necklace, trends, accessories

I'm not really one of those people who runs to trends and jumps on the bandwagon craze of any given item deemed the latest must-have by editors, street stylers and power bloggers alike. You know, the pieces that provoke style earthquakes thanks to the profuse instagramming, blogging and all around social media-ing. Their fall is usually as fast as their rise. In my younger days, I might have fallen victim to this type of circus, but as an oldie (I know, that's relative), I can't help but sometimes scoff at the hoards of lady followers that flock to the latest requisite piece in a way that isn't unlike devotees obeying orders from their cult leader.

While my tone may have hints of condescension, I assure you that is not my intention. Everyone has their own path to follow and finding your style personality is a journey within itself that isn't meant to always be smooth sailing. Trend frenzies are also the nature of the business I chose to work in. If you don't engage in fashion experimentation, which, yes, at times means following the masses, how are you supposed to find yourself through clothes? How could you possibly figure out what works for you if you don't try out everything first? And then there finally comes a point where we all stop being impressionable and finally trust our gut.

Quite the long preamble to come to following conclusion: it's not necessary to transform your entire wardrobe every season to follow trends. If you feel like you're stuck in some sort of wardrobe rut, or if you're in a financial bind but still in need of an update, or simply just not the trendy experimental type of person, the best way to look modern without overdoing it is with accessories and jewelry. When it comes to my own wardrobe choices, I tend to stick to a uniform of denim, t-shirts and sweaters, with slight variations here and there. But like any girl, I appreciate a good curveball and I certainly enjoy acquiring new stuff, so I'm going to share a little secret with you: the best way to dabble in trends without breaking the bank is by way of bling. The earrings du jour (not the designer option) will make you look on trend but not victim-y. If you're craving a little aesthetic restoration, all you need is to pick up the latest necklace (the budget version) and voilà, you feel like you're the one who should be photographed outside Lincoln Center.

Just when I was yearning for a bit of a tweak, the lovely people at Rings & Tings kindly offered to send me some of their cool, on-trend pieces for me to wear and I instantly felt updated. Their stuff is sick and affordable, I can't even -- plus they ship worldwide. you MUST check them out!

J Brand jeans, Topshop leather top, Joe Fresh crisp white shirt, Converse Chuck Taylors, Nars pure matte lipstick in La PazCrystal metallic spike earrings, gold chain necklace, leather top, layering, Nars La Paz lipstickLayering, leather, denim, crisp white shirt, J Brand, Joe Fresh, Topshop, Rings & TingsPurple pout, violet lipstick, Nars pure matte lisptick in La Paz, minimal gold chain necklace, Crystal silver metallic spike earrings, layeringLeather top layering, Topshop, J Brand denim, short hair, blond bob, spike earrings, rings & tingsMinimalist, minimalism, layering, black & white, trends, leather, denim, rings & tings, spike earrings, Nars lipstick La Paz

In the photos above I am wearing the Crystal Metallic Spike Earrings and the Minimal Gold Tone Necklace:
Rings & Tings, crystal metallic spike earrings, silver & gold, jewelry, trends, accessoriesRings & Tings minimal gold tone chain necklace

Rings & Tings silver spine ear cuffs, blonde, blond bob, short hair, knitwear, Gap chunky turtleneck, Nars pure matte purple lipstick La Paz, silver pearls, jewelry, trendsSilver spine ear cuffs, silver pearls, purple lips, Nars, Rings & Tings, Gap turtleneck

In the photos above I am wearing the Vintage Style Spine Ear Cuff:
Rings & Tings vintage style spine ear cuffs silver, jewelry, trends, trendy, accessories


Samantha Mariko said...

I've recently been leaning towards really simple jewelry, and these pieces are gorgeous! I agree that you don't have to change your entire wardrobe for every season..better to get creative!

Unknown said...

I like your word power blogger.
I am with you. I am not chasing trends as well..
your new hair is very elegant!

Sarah said...

Loving the leather top and that lip color!

Nikki Williams said...

i love your lip color!!


Jade | The Jade Aesthetic said...

Um WHAT, it's so affordable. Wasn't expecting that! I'm in love with the minimal gold tone necklace. Sold.

Also, another great post that you've written and certainly food for thought for me. I always actively try to avoid buying into a trend because God knows my wardrobe already has clothes that will never see the light of day again because they're "so over". But then I'm also the most easily suggestible person! I'm almost certainly still trying to find my style personality, but I'd like to think I'm nearly there. (Though I must admit this recent skater-style slip ons trend has got me. Just trying to find the PERFECT pair!)

Jade | The Jade Aesthetic

Anonymous said...

I've never noticed before, but you look so much like Lady Gaga in all the photos where you're not angled straight toward the camera. Eyes, nose, chin all very similar.

Bianca Nieves said...

WOW that cuff earring is fabulous and you totally rock it with your new do! Love it! xx

Fashion Tidbits said...

OMG!! Your hair is looking amazing!!

Nymphashion said...

Nice look and I like the purple lipstic, it adds a nice touch of color.

Arianna, Nymphashion ♡

Margaret Dallospedale said...

Awesome!!!! I really like them.
The Indian Savage Diary

Veronica Vannini said...

nice jewelry!
Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

Madame Daria said...

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fashionseducer said...

love the first look


Stephanie said...

These pictures~!! You look INSANE!!! I srsly hope everyone is complementing you on your new do cause it's unreal. Totally brings out all your stunning features ;) Love the ear cuff!