Fashion Over Reason: Ask FOR #5: Who to Follow on Instagram

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ask FOR #5: Who to Follow on Instagram

Who to follow on Instagram, Fashion Over Reason picks, favorite instagram accounts

Wowza, I can hardly believe that my last Ask FOR was back in January. I certainly did not see the time fly and I'm happy to report that I am now back to regular contributions to this self-emposed-yet-oh-so-fun advice column. Don't forget to submit your questions, by either leaving a comment below, emailing me (address in side column on the right), Tweeting at me or shooting me an Instagram comment.

Moving right along, for this episode of #AskFOR, I am sharing the accounts that uncontrollably trigger in me an urge to double tap my iPhone screen thanks to compelling, high quality visuals. These accounts are THAT good. So what made me decide to let you in on my Insta love is because whenever my girl friends and I get together, we always end up swapping who we follow, then cooing and awing ensues over who to start stalking ASAP. Why not pass that knowledge onto you? I'm sure you, too, are always looking for new accounts to sweep you off your feet and I'm here to indulge you.

You've probably heard of a majority of these feeds, but certainly you'll also be making a few new discoveries today. I've rounded up the accounts that sit at the very top of my list and have broken them down into three categories: personal style, brands and lifestyle. Let's get started and hopefully by the end of this post your feed will be filled with new and refreshing stuff to keep you busy for a while.


My favorite Instas from the style blogger set.

Brand collaborations coming out the wazu, street cred in profusion and more designer items than high street are just some of what this half French, half English gal has that we don't. Plus, this top influencer knows how to take (and make) a good great photo. Now if anyone could explain to me what her handle stands for...

@Camtyox, Camille Charrière, Camille Over the Rainbow on Instagram

Nicole Warne knows how to strike a pose and she'll give you wanderlust on a hole new level. Her style couldn't be further from my own, but her images are simply magnetic -- her account is filled with incredible lust-worthy, picturesque images of her travels around the world. This is globetrotting at its finest.

@garypeppergirl, Nicole Warne, Gary Pepper Vintage on Instagram


Natalie Joos is a casting director turned blogger extraordinaire, portraying just how fun fashion can be on her blog Tales of Endearment. But the magic is in her Insta: this quirky fashion insider brings so much life to her photos, it's impossible to resist. Injecting as much charm as personality, her feed will undoubtedly leave a smile on your face while you watch her chronicle her jet-setting adventures in a not-so-serious-yet-serious manner. It's really hard to think of anyone who is genuine in this industry and Natalie's warm charisma jumps out of her photos.

@Jxxsy, Natalie Joos, Tales of Endearment on Instagram


Probably one of my very favorites, this German bombshell has won the looks and style lottery. Her aesthetic is flawless and her IG feed is a perfect reflection of it.

@majawyh, Maja Wyh on Instagram


Not sure what's in the water in Germany, but here's another sublimely put-together girl with impeccable taste. Her blog is amazing, but her Insta is the real kicker, with detail shots of highly coveted designer pieces, pretty blooms and outfit shots.

@mija_mija, Mija Creatures of Desire on Instagram


I don't know what this girl does besides blogging, who she is, or where she's from in Australia, but all I know is that she makes me want to do what she does, be who she is and live where she lives. Her feed is filled with endless extremely high end designer clothes and accessories, a few editorial shots (mostly of herself) and breathtaking, endless white sand beaches. Seriously? She probably has a third nipple or something, jus sayin'. (I kid, I'm extremely happy for her)

@oraclefox, Oracle Fox blog, Amanda Shadforth on Instagram

Ok, if there was one way to describe LA-based influencer Jayne Min is U L T I M A T E C O O L C H I C K. Her unique tomboy-meets-lady brand of laid back California cool is unparalleled, with a dry sense of humor that dominates her every move. If you don't like this girl, I don't think we can be friends.

@stopitrightnow, Jayne Min, Stop It Right Now on Instagram

Another Aussie, you guys. Forget Germany, what the hell are they drinking in the Land of OZ?? Tash Sefton is everything I conjure up when thinking of Australian style --- a very special kind of cool and easygoing. The better half (sorry, Elle) of They All HAte Us and [distressed] denim aficionado, 
this mother of two (!??!!!) will give you serious wardrobe envy with hers consisting mainly of Chanel, Valentino, Céline, Givenchy and Isabel, which she wears in the most unpretentious, insouciant, effortless-chic way by pairing everything with destroyed denim, loose tees and leather bomber jackets. Never have basics looked this good. Seriously.

@tashsefton, Tash Sefton of They All Hate Us on Instagram

Kind of a newbie on the scene (who knew that was still possible?), Labériane has the trademark parisian chic style in droves. This girl actually looks like she's one of the French voguettes. Enough said.

@theblab, The Blab, Labériane Ponton on Instagram


As a brand, being on Instagram is everything in this day and age. It can actually tip the scales of success of failure, but not every label knows how to use it properly. Here are the ones who deserve all the Insta-success they've worked hard to acquire, in my humble opinion.

I am so lucky in life because I actually happen to live a few blocks from the brick and mortar Catbird, the teeny tiny jewelry boutique tucked in the heart of north Brooklyn, that has amassed an seriously impressive (and international) cult following. I'm sure it has something to do with their insanely charming, not to mention pretty and lust-inducing Instagram account.

@catbirdnyc, Catbird boutique, Williamsburg Brooklyn on Instagram


The CM peeps know what they're doing. They have a plan and a strategy, you can just tell. I mean, if you tie together all of their social media activities, their Tumblr is called Culture Club and their Pinterest boards run the gamut from delicious recipes, to artwork, to ridiculously exotic vacation locales. Club Monaco wants to make you dream and they're taking you along with them wherever that may be possible, whether it's on a photo shoot location in the Caribbean, at a hot restaurant for Sunday brunch or meandering through the magical streets of New York City.

@clubmonaco, Club Monaco Culture Club on Instagram


Ok, Australia, I can't, seriously, just stop already. Your fashion is just sooooo good. Melbourne-based boutique Green With Envy takes designer wear from bougie to ultra cool. You'll want more, more, more once you tap on Follow.

@greenwithenvyboutique, Green With Envy boutique in Melbourne, Australia on Instagram


For a long, long time, J Brand was the only denim i cared for. It fits so perfectly, it was hard to look elsewhere to satisfy my jean cravings. Since launching their ready-to-wear line last year, the label has kicked it in serious high gear. If their Insta was pretty good before, now it's a major focus and you can tell that's how they reel in their fans and give them a full portrait of who they should be and, more importantly, what they should be wearing. It's made all too clear by the power bloggers they "regram" wearing their jeans. That mixed with über cool, edgy look book shots makes their IG a must-follow.

@jbrandjeans, J Brand Jeans denim on Instagram

Calling all denim mongers, this one's for you. Knowing real well what their bread and butter is, the folks over at Madwell make sure to appeal to their customer's soft spot by curating images that transport you in their world of jeans, jeans, jeans. All that in the ever-so-cool chic way, upholding that tomboy, easygoing energy.

@madewell1937, Madewell on Instagram, denim

Whether they're introducing their new products or taking us backstage with them at all the hottest fashion shows, the NARS account takes you deep into their beautiful (and crazy fun) fantasy world of makeup. Toys for grown women, for real.

@NARSissist, #NARSissist, NARS Cosmetics on instagram

The queen mother of luxury online shopping knows what makes a good Instagram account. They involve their customers, they keep on top of their arrivals, they show us their editorials, they launch and promote new branches (beauty, Porter magazine), they run promos and contests... but all without making you feel like you're being sold anything and with beautiful imagery to boot.

@netaporter, Net-a-Porter on Instagram


Raen is way up there in my books. They're a very special breed of SoCal and you just want to be part of their world: surfers, skaters, hipsters, rad dudes, tomboy beauties. It's a lot of beach-loving, wave-riding, muse-tastic photos. Oh, and their shades are prominently displayed throughout. Gnarly.

@raen_optics, Raen Optics on Instagram


All-encompassing type photos, some fashion, some photography, some food, some architecture. A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Are you picking up what I'm putting down?


Again with Australia (redundant or trendy? You decide). This is actually the account for a boutique that hasn't even launched yet and they've already amassed an electric following of thousands, thanks to their namesake activity: curating. Or was it because of their Aussie roots? Anyway, if their merch is anything like the aesthetic they've projected on Insta, the store (coming this April) is golden. 

@_thecurators, The Curators Australia online boutique, instagram


Geneva Vanderzeil started her blog as a way to inspire women to get their DIY on and now she's writing books. Can you get any more fabulous? Her photo feed reflects her impeccable taste and her adventurously stylish globetrotting ways. All that while maybe teaching you how to make a thing or two.


Love her hate her (for the record, I am of the former camp), Gwyneth has exquisite taste and her successful website GOOP is a pure reflection of that. It's also made her a serious contender to dethrone be Martha's successor. Anyway, their Insta feed is just a fast, more direct access to their awesome discoveries, whether it's about a beauty product, an amazing place to break bread or how to actually make your own bread. Plus you can catch a glimpse of Gwyndog once in a while.

@goop, GOOP, Gwyneth Paltrow on instagram


Props to Geri Hersch of Because I'm Addicted for turning a blog about posting fashion editorials into a huge online reference and for getting her mogul on and founding LEAF TV, a video platform that shows women anything and everything they could possibly want to learn how to make about Life, Eating And Fashion (get it?). The vids are impeccably produced, incredibly charming and inventive, and condone a super stylish, clean living. Get into it.

@leaftv, LEAF TV, Geri Hersch on Instagram


If you're into looking at dynamic images of New York City, do it through the lens iPhone of Marie-Joelle. She's a French-Candian journalist who lives in NYC yet still works for a newspaper back in her homeland. Can you say dream job? She captures the city's authenticity, real New York moments, and takes her followers on her cross-country journeys (she travels a lot for work) and true to her calling, always reports back on Insta.

@mariejoelleparent, Marie-Joelle Parent, journaliste chroniqueuse au Journal de Montréal sur Instagram

The most beautiful, magnetic images of Paris. This Swedish photographer and Parisian transplant knows how to capture the magic of the city of lights and makes us dream. If her IG feed isn't enough, I urge you to look at her blog (warning: it may provoke an uncontrollable urge to drop everything as you know it and relocate to Paree).

@parisinfourmonths, Paris In Four Months on Instagram


One of internet's first famous names, the Cool Hunter brings his very special eye for all things mind-blowing to our favorite social media network. 

@thecoolhunter_, The Cool Hunter on Instagram


Warning: this account is not for the shrinking violet. Brydie Mack, the photographer behind Wolfclub, has a penchant for the perverse, provocative, ultra sexy and mind-blowingly sensual. Oh, and the nude. She is most certainly not afraid to celebrate the female body in her art while straddling a very fine line between appropriate and obscene, yet never crosses over. Her images are magnetic, if not jealousy-inducing (did you see those bods?). 

@wolfclubwolfclub, Wolfclub Chronicles by Brydie Mack on Instagram

Let me know if there are some accounts that you find completely major that I should also be following, I'd love to know what your favorites are or if I'm missing out on anything!

Oh, and while you're at it, feel free to follow me as well!


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Yeeeyy I was waiting for another one of these!!! There are sooo many accounts that I don't know so thanks for sharing! I really love the feed of Natalie Joos, Oracle Fox (like seriously I want her life haha it's only beaches and summer) and Tash! But I'm going to check on my insta the ones I don't know now haha :) Thanks for sharing! xxx

ps I would like to see an ask for of what you eat! I know it isn't really the subject of your blog but I'm always curious for food inspo of bloggers haha :)

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This post was helpful. As i am instagram newbie :D

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This post couldn't come at a better time as just this am, I was wondering who else to follow on @soie_agency! Will add these accounts I'm not yet following asap as I totally trust your cool hunter eye ;)

PS! I def thought Labériane WAS Emmanuelle Alt! She's got french editor written head to toe!


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