Fashion Over Reason: The Perfect Boyfriend

Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Perfect Boyfriend

Fashion Over Reason, #theperfectboyfriend, Refind Denim distressed boyfriend jeans, Joseph black satin shirt, white J.Crew coat, Chic Peek rings

Whoever said the perfect boyfriend didn't exist hasn't met Rose and Theresa from Refind Denim, who have set out to create the most amazing destroyed boyfriend jeans you've ever laid eyes on. I can honestly attest to the fact that perfection has indeed been attained. Let's do a little exercise: close your eyes and think of the absolute ideal, most flawless, ultimate type of distressed denim that make regular cameos in your sartorial dreams. Now head over to their website -- I guarantee that you'll find just what you were picturing. Make sure to also have a gander at the amazing blog they've got going, where boyfriend jeans inspo abounds, special promos are announced and for a peek inside their world of denim. It's kind of awesome. They're also on Instagram, out to prove that #theperfectboyfriend is not a unicorn.

Anyway, I brazenly took my boyfriend (chuckles!) for a spin on a not-so-warm spring day and fell even more in love, in spite of all the holes giving the chilly air direct access to my bare legs, thus contributing more shivers to my already shivering self. You see, these jeans have everything going for themselves, they're both the star and a blank canvas. They can be complimented in many ways: with a feminine pump, loafers, beat-up chucks, a sexy strappy sandal, t-shirts, chunky knits, long coats, the possibilities are endless. I personally went with a pump for a few reasons, one being that it was cold and secondly, you guys know how much I love offsetting the items I wear for a well-balanced, rounded outfit. Perhaps the only style rule I live by. Case in point: oversized tomboy jeans, pointy stiletto pumps and a button down that straddles the line between masculine (loose dress shirt) and feminine (satin).

On my neck is this amazing oversized, chunky ID choker from Rings & Tings that I've been fully abusing. Sometimes an accessory can just make or break a whole look and I can't think of the last time it wasn't decorating my collarbone -- mind you, I do take it off for my slumber. But I digress. I'm not one for crazy accessories and while I'd normally think of this type of thing as too bold, I just gravitated towards it, probably thinking to myself that if I have that thing on, then I don't have to wear anything else jewelry-wise. Rings & Tings is just such a great go-to for fun, accessible trendy pieces. Highly recommend.

Regardless of this particular day being cold as hell, what I'm wearing pretty much embodies transitional weather dressing -- my favorite. And it's another lesson in putting simple pieces together that look really cool as a whole. (On a side note, I can't believe this coat is still actually white. Props to myself!)

Red Hook Brooklyn distressed wall, Joseph satin shirt, distressed boyfriend jeans, Refind Denim, black Guess pumpsJ.Crew white coat, Fashion Over Reason candid moment, photo by Ian RusianaWhite J.Crew coat, destroyed denim, #theperfectboyfriend, black pumps, Red Hook BrooklynStreet Style, the perfect distressed boyfriend jeans by Refind Denim, long coat, Rings & Tings chain ID necklaceRings & Tings silver chunky chain ID necklace, Joseph black satin button down, Ray-Ban Wayfarers, silver pearlsGuess pointy toe stiletto pumpsJ.Crew white coat, Rings & Tings ID choker chain necklace, Refind Denim distressed boyfriend jeans, vintage Levi'sRings & Tings oversized ID necklace, silver pearls, Ray-Ban wayfarers#theperfectboyfriend jeans with vintage Levi's by Refind Denim NYCJoseph satin button down, J.Crew white coat, detail outfit shot, Chic Peek ringsRed Hook Brooklyn, springtime, photo by Ian Rusiana, long white J.Crew coat, cuffed denim boyfriend jeans, Guess pumps, photo by Ian RusianaBoyfriend jeans by Refind Denim NYC, black stiletto pumps, Joseph shirt, Ray-Ban Wayfarers
Photos by Ian Rusiana

Shirt - Joseph
Jeans (#theperfectboyfriend) - Refind Denim (similar)
Pumps - Guess (similar)
Coat - J.Crew (similar)
Sunnies - Ray-Ban
Necklace - Rings & Tings>
Rings - Chic Peek and these too (similar)
Silver pearls - family heirloom (similar)

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It's About L.A said...

Your boyfriend jeans is really cool, I love the ripped jeans. It's perfect with this white jacket !


amstervrouwtje said...

Omg definitely the best BF! xx

Jade | The Jade Aesthetic said...

This is the perfect exemplary reason of why I'm currently looking for The black court shoes!! (I've yet to find the ones.) You've done well-balanced to a T and basically you look FAB. Well done for keeping the coat white haha. The contrasting collar looks great.

Jade | The Jade Aesthetic

deltreylicious said...

Super style!

Unknown said...

the coat is so classy!:) amazing look!♥

Unconventional Secrets said...

love your coat and shoes !

Samantha Mariko said...

those really are the perfect boyfriend jeans! you made it so chic with the black shirt and heels, and the coat added nice touch as well! love love love!

Królowa Karo said...

I love your coat. But boyfriend jeans are not for me, I think.

Ivana said...

Great styling, and color combo.

Unknown said...

I think not everyone can carry boyfriend jeans with such an appeal!! Great styling and lovely pics!! You look pretty as always :)

Johanna said...

Love the crisp jacket and pumps with this. Styled to perfection!

ALLIE NYC said...

LOVE the coat Garance was wearing a similar one at the opening. This whole actually is great, spot on and fashion forward.

Allie of ALLIE NYC

Sam said...

I love how elegantly the boyfriend jeans are styled, very poised and modern, looks amazing! Thanks for stopping by dear...I value your opinion.

Lisette Pool - 24/7 STYLISH said...

Great outfit ! I really like the look of the boyfriend jeans. It just looks weird when I have them on but on you they look stunning!

Love, Lisette

MaysaAndSunshine said...

Oh my love this look, so clean...elegant yet playful. Def will add you to my Google reader.

elle said...

You are a stunner! And those boyfriend jeans, MY OH MY, I need them in my life.

Catherine said...

This satin shirt is SO cool, always perfect ♥