Fashion Over Reason: April 2014

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Le Frick C'est Chic!

Le Frick C'est Chic!, The Frick Collection, Fashion Over Reason, quilted leather bomber jacket by ASOS, Zara white destroyed boyfriend denim and nude leather bag, Sandro ANACONDAs slip-on sneakers Suburban Riot Kale sweatshirt

It goes without saying that living in New York City comes with tons of perks, one of them being the abundance of culture at our fingertips. On the downside, having so many options at the ready often makes you put things off knowing that you can visit the sights any time you please, which usually means never ending up seeing certain things due to getting caught up in life stuff. Another perk (which can actually be a drawback at times, but let's stay focused) is that everyone you know will want to come visit you and take advantage of all this culture you take for granted as a blasé city dweller, thus forcing you to finally revel and marvel in what makes this place truly unparalleled.

Case in point: having my brother over this past weekend meant exploring new haunts and touring things I hardly ever get to see. I was finally able to check the Frick Collection off of my never-ending NYC to-do list. This place did not disappoint and was every bit the fascinating, interesting, beautiful exhibit I hoped it would be -- I highly recommend it if you ever find yourself if those necks (far better than the Guggenheim - oh yes I did).

It was a perfect spring day, the kind that doesn't allow you to be grumpy, and dressing adequately for gallery hopping and Central Park strolling was of utmost importance. Casual, practical and dare I say cute. How obsessed are we with this Beyonce-approved Suburban Riot sweatshirt, by the way? More on that another time...

The Frick Collection NYC New York City, Fifth Avenue, what I wore, ASOS quilted leatehr bomber jacket, distressed white boyfriend denim, skater slip-on sneakers, Sandro ANACONDAS, Kale sweatshirt by Suburban Riot
Kale sweater - Suburban Riot
Jeans - Zara (similar)
Leather jacket - ASOS (similar)
Shoes - Sandro (similar)
Bag - Zara (similar)
Ring - Saint Laurent
Sunnies - Ray-Ban

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Monday, April 28, 2014

Summer Color

Blond hair, blonde, flaxen, golden, shoulder length bob, bright blond, sunkissed, light hair

It's, like, really difficult to attain the perfect blond. My fellow blondies will attest to that fact without hesitation. SO. HARD. There are so many shades, so many techniques, so many varying factors, such as your hair's natural color pigment, your skin tone and your desired end result. It's also all about finding the perfect colorist, which is probably the most crucial determining factor in your hair color's outcome. The relationship you embark in with the person in charge of every single variation in your locks' lifespan is paramount.

In fact, it is possibly one of the most important partnerships you'll embark in throughout your life: you need to get to know each other, feel comfortable with one another, become a pro at communication, not be afraid to voice your feelings, be faithful, and, if shit hits the fan, part ways with a slew of emotions, accompanied by a great sense of regret and loss. And lest we forget being in an immense overwhelmed state when having to start the search over.

I have no doubt that being a faux brunette has its own brand of complexity but I assure you, blondes take the cake in terms of difficulty level. Finding the right colorist is everything, one who will be patient, listen to you and who will understand your vision. That perfect image you have in your head, which you're so desperately trying to describe with words like "honey" "golden" "bright" or "flaxen", but that will most likely never accurately convey the image you're picturing. The right colorist will know what you mean anyway, or he'll give you what you didn't even know you wanted.

I've been seeing my colorist for two years now and it's the best hair relationship I've ever had. Say hello to my brighter summer hair!

Summer blond hair color, light blond, bright blond shoulder length bob

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Let's Meet On Summer's Eve

Confession: I've got summer on the brain -- surely, I am not alone. Confashion (see what I did there?): I have a soft spot for ethereal maxi dresses. I know, seems out of character, right? But I do believe that the right kind of attitude makes for the perfect juxtaposition with a flowy feminine number like this. Tousled bed head, a bare face, the hat tipped back and a slight oversized fit on the dress: all things that make it nothing short of a winning summer ensemble. Who's with me?

ASOS straw hat, Joie Muceka floral maxi dress, Deborah Lippmann nail polish in Tip Toe Through the Tulips, Lumo Aztec cuff, Ancient Greek Sandals, Raen Optics sunglasses, Mansur Gavriel bucket bag, Luv Aj petite band ring set, Awapui wild ginger sea spray
Clockwise from top left:
ASOS hat - Joie Maruceka dress - Deborah Lippmann nail polish in Tip Toe Through the Tulips - Luv Aj Petite Band Ring Set - Awapui Wild Ginger Sea Spray - Lumo Aztec Cuff - Ancient Greek Sandals - Raen Optics sunglasses - Mansur Gavriel bucket bag

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dwindling Jacket Weather

Fashion Over Reason, graffiti wall, Brooklyn, NYC, transitional weather, vintage leather trench coat

As we get closer and closer to reaching consistent high temps, the kind where nothing but jeans and a t-shirt are necessary, we inevitably suffer through high highs and low lows. The days where those sun rays caress your face, begging you to take your lunch from your desk to the park bench, make us weak in the knees, as giddy as a kid on the eve of their birthday. They remind us that it is indeed good to be alive and that things are actually going to be okay.

Unfortunately, the weeks sandwiched between mid-March and early May play with our feelings. A lot. Almost more than bad boy Jake from high school math class. This is a period that is punctuated with days so gloomy and unnecessarily chilly, they make us want to crawl back into hibernation without giving things a second thought. And if you're north of the border, well, let's just say they have it way worse.

In the end, I've always believed that suffering going through these seasonally characteristic peaks and valleys makes us fall in love with summer that much more. They make us truly appreciate those beautiful, warm evenings. That precious window of time when the trees grow buds and those buds start to bloom. That first time you walk the streets in open-toe shoes and bare legs. Those are the things that make those summers months the most magical ones of the year. They make summer Fridays something to live for.

In the meantime, something as banal as an open coat and going sans chapeau can be so special. Life-altering, even.

Vintage leather trench coat with a fur collar, J Brand cuffed jeans, J.Crew leopard print pouch, Ralph Lauren purple label cashmere button down, Rag & Bone red suede Newbury bootsVintage leather trench coat with a fur collar, J.Crew leopard print pouch, Ralph Lauren purple label cashmere button downLeather trench coat, fur collar, J Brand jeans, red suede Rag & Bone boots, Ray-Ban aviatorsRay-Ban gold/green aviators, fur collar, vintage leather trench coat, J.Crew leopard print pony hair pouch clutch, grey men's cashmere button-down, dogeared chain stone encklaceBrown leather belted trench coat, J Brand dark skinny cuffed jeans, Rag & Bone Newbury boots, Brooklyn nycShort blond bob, Ray-Ban green/gold classic aviators, vintage brown leather trench coat, J.Crew leopard print pony hair clutch pouch, Rag & Bone red suede Newbury bootsGrey men's cashmere button down, Ralph Lauren Purple Label, fur collar, belted leather trench coatBrooklyn graffiti brick wall, red suede Rag & Bone Newbury boots, pony hair J.Crew pouch, leather trench coat, fur collar, J Brand
Leather trench - Vintage (similar)
Shirt - Ralph Lauren Purple Label (similar)
Jeans - J Brand (similar)
Boots - Rag & Bone (similar color)
Clutch - J.Crew (similar)
Sunglasses - Ray-Ban
Necklace - Dogeared

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Let There Be Chocolate

Just a quick post today to wish you guys a happy Easter. Hope you're enjoying the holiday and that you're eating tons of mini eggs. Or if not at least that you're enjoying the weekend xx

Pastel Easter eggs

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Not-So-Basic Black & White

One of my biggest desires in life at this present moment is to, come summertime, don this outfit on a warm, cloudless evening. It's not-so-basic black and white, the sexiest shoes I've ever laid eyes on and a purple lipstick that is as bright as it is deep. Click below to shop.

Tibi white billowy poplin top, Marc Jacobs nail polish in Gatsby, Givenchy Pandora Grained Leather Shoulder Bag, Lauren Wolf pearls, MAC lipstick in Heavenly Bird, J Brand cropped leather pants, Gianvito Rossi python leather mules black and white heels, BaubleBar silver cone cuff
Clockwise from top left:
Tibi poplin top - Marc Jacobs nail polish in Gatsby - Givenchy Pandora shoulder bag - Lauren Wolf pearls - MAC lipstick in Heavenly Bird - Gianvito Rossi leather python mules - J Brand cropped leather pants - BaubleBar silver cone cuff

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ask FOR #6: The Everyday Face

Fashion Over Reason, Ask FOR, The Everyday Face, beauty, makeup, striped shirt, Levi's denim shirt

There's something about the world of beauty that I find incredibly intimidating. Paralyzing, even. There is so much to choose from, everyone's skin reacts differently to any given "active ingredient" and every week there is a new miraculous claim from an updated product rendering what you've been using (and most probably loving) suddenly completely useless. Through years of experimentation, I've come to realize that you have to subscribe to your own brand of beauty that can only be forged following multiple trials, triumphs and errors alike. At the end of the day, many of your beauty discoveries will come from well-intentioned recommendations from all the females that surround you: your grandmother, mom, aunt, sister, dermatologist, aesthetician, facialist, the lady on the other side of the prescription counter staring intently at what can only be your pores, or maybe even from this blogger. You give, you take, you try, you toss, you pass on the information. Eventually, one lands on a face ritual that they are satisfied with.

Skin care is what I like to refer to as lasting ephemerality. Sound confusing? It isn't: the drill will be a lifelong consistency, but what it comprises will never hold a permanent stake on your bathroom shelf. A product might recur ever so often, but once you've extracted the very last quarter ounce of your Youth Serum X, I'd be hard-pressed to believe that you'll be replacing it with the very same one. At best, you might grab its "updated" version. What your skin is forced to imbibe through its lifetime is perhaps one of the greater overlooked (self) inflictions of this man's, man's, man's world.

But what we subject our faces to is for their own good, isn't it? That's why we risk slathering our best friend's old nonna's crazy concoction around our dark circles and why we shell out 150 bones without a second thought on Miracle Potion XYZ. Maybe this cream is The One, seeing as is it vows to procure its user with an unparalleled complexion, cheek dewiness extraordinaire, as well as an impossible-to-ignore glow. Sold! Only to see your dreams crash and burn when you realize that your big investment bought you nothing more than a case of ye olde faithful breakout. It's so hard being a woman.

One eventually learns to remedy to certain unfixable DNA problems with magic face paint known as makeup. I used to travel a lot with a certain girl friend and when trying to make ourselves presentable the morning after an evening spent imbibing one too many cocktails, we'd constantly exclaim out loud to one another something along the lines of: "it's crazy how applying these globs of pigment on our faces can enhance our appearances without making us look different." We were onto something, I think. Yourself, but better: what I believe makeup should do. Sure, it's fun to play and go crazy with a smokey eye on a Friday night, but I'm referring to your every day existence. No one wants to resemble a street walker on their commute to work, or worse yet, be mistaken for engaging in a glorious activity known as the walk of shame.

There's a big tendency to overdo it with makeup, and it's so easy to go awry -- a slight mistake like choosing the wrong concealer shade can be critical. Or going all Bozo the Clown with your blush for lack of good bathroom lighting. Some girls have won the genetic lottery and do not need an ounce of makeup (i know a few of them), not even a swipe of mascara or a little swoosh of pink powder on the apples (for you, this post need not apply and I secretly hate you. Just kidding. Not really.). And others are perfectly comfortable and content, or admittedly lazy, to skip the morning face gloss ritual. I am not one of those girls. Neither the former, nor the latter. And I am completely okay with that. I am not fetching for any sort of comforting comment, I don't need your reassurance and I don't seek to be told that every girl can go sans makeup. Those girls exist, but delusions are not really my forte. This isn't about wanting to look perfect or achieving society standards, or worse, trying to make heads turn. It's about liking what I see on the other side of that reflexion and how I can look like an improved version of myself.

Looking natural is über important in my books and my makeup philosophy always relates back to that. To me, it is a really incredible invention that allows you to hide what your expensive skin serum has failed to fix, to enhance your glow when your paraben-free toner did not fulfill all that it had promised you it would and to give you eyelashes (ok, that's just my personal hangup, nothing in skincare pledges to grow and thicken your eyelid hair). The purpose is to elevate what you have, downplay what you don't and to present to the world the best physical manifestation of yourself. That way, when you reveal your nude face to your man (or woman) at night, they still recognize you. And thus here begs the question: how does one achieve the everyday face?


And yes, that was my bare-not-an-ounce-of-makeup face! To be clear, I am by no means a beauty expert, nor connoisseur, for that matter. I am not one to be at the forefront of beauty trends and there are so many products that cater to problems I am not even aware I want or need to tend to. But what I do know is that I clean up pretty well and like any girl, I absolutely get excited about playing with makeup. When I fall for something, I fall hard and I master its use, which is something to be said for all this advice I am thrusting upon you. So let's break down the steps you saw in that video!

NARS Cosmetics Instant Line & Pore Perfecter
1. NARS Instant Line & Pore Perfecter

Apply to the areas that have the most visible lines and pores. I don't know if it's just in my head, but I feel like applying concealer and foundation atop the skin area slathered in a layer of Pore Perfecter makes the less-than-desireable creases less visible.

YSL, Yves Saint Laurent Youth Liberator Serum Foundation
2. Yves Saint Laurent Youth Liberator Serum Foundation

This foundation is THE BOMB. It goes on super smoothly, blends immaculately, offers perfect coverage and is incredibly light -- it doesn't feel like you're actually wearing foundation. It's kind of magical. One pump of this guy and you're off to the races. I know that a lot of women like to use a brush (or an egg) to apply their face goo, but i prefer to do it all with my hands. I find I can blend it better and that half of the product stays on the sponge when I use one, which I find to be a waste.

NARS Cosmetics Radiant Creamy Concealer
3. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

This NARS concealer is the epitome of perfection. Were there to be a concealer kingdom war, this one would win the iron throne without question (can you tell my life revolves around Game of Thrones? #Sorrynotsorry). Get it, you won't regret it. A couple slabs on each of those pesky dark circles and you're as good as fully refreshed. Again, I like to blend with my fingers, but feel free to use whatever your little heart desires.

Bobbi Brown Eyebrow Pencil in Blonde
4. Bobbi Brown Eyebrow Pencil

This step may or may not apply to you. I happen to have really light eyebrows due to my blond disposition, so I don't have much of a choice in the matter. On top of having light eyebrows, I have another embarrassing confession: when I was a kid, I found a razor in my parent's bathroom and of course, decided to test out its functional capacity by taking the blade to my left eyebrow. BIG MISTAKE. To even things out, I decided to just go ahead and do the right one too. They haven't been the same since and my antidote of choice is Bobbi Brown's blonde eyebrow pencil. I also just the discovered the Anastasia brow gel, which could be a great investment for those of you with unruly, thick ones, but I don't use it every day.

NARS Cosmetics Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder
5. NARS Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder

It's important to set your concealer and your foundation with powder to make sure it doesn't budge and avoid it melting off your face. This particular loose powder is amazing for a few reasons: its lightness is unparalleled, it goes on fully clear and is akin to applying a cloud to your face. Not only that, but it gives an immaculate finish, as well as the assurance that your makeup will last all day. Another pro I've come to find is that it doesn't dry out the skin at all, as some powders do, thanks to how light and airy it is.

NARS contour blush in Olympia
6. NARS Contour Blush

Allow me to confess something to you: I wasn't even sure what contouring was until some time last year when my girl friend Steph mentioned it to me. She used to be a beauty editor, so naturally, she is incredibly well-versed in all the ins and outs of makeup and how to use it. To be fair, I was aware of the existence of that application trick, but I just had no idea that it was called contouring. Moving right along, my face is quite round and applying a darker shade in the crease of my cheeks is something I've instinctively done for a long time, usually using a dark cream blush. This NARS contour blush palette is so perfect for giving your face some natural-looking definition. You need a flat brush to be able to create the blurry lines that will make that shadowing do what you intend it to. To make sure I'm applying at the right spot, I suck in my cheeks and brush along the crease. After the cheeks, dust the darker color on the temples right near the hair line and then on your jaw line to generate some definition.

NARS Cosmetics Matte Multiple in Aguilla
7. NARS Matte Multiple in Anguilla

I am the biggest fan of the Multiple. It's probably one of my favorite makeup products of all time -- I have the regular sticks in 3 different colors and I use them everywhere: face, lips, collarbone, arms, chest bone, the list goes on. So you can imagine my excitement when the Matte Multiple came out. I use it on the apples of my cheeks and on my lips and I like to blend it in with water for a seamless, dewy finish. The Anguilla color is a pretty, bright baby pink, ideal if that natural rosy flush is something you desire.

Japonesque Go Curl Pocket Eyelash Curler
8. Japonesque Go Curl Pocket Eyelash Curler

The eyelash curler is the number one tool for achieving eyelash success, I just can't stress it enough. I favor this small plastic one over the traditional metal clamp kind because I find the size to be practical and it allows for a lot of control. Ringing in at less than $15, it's kind of a must-own.

YSL, Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effet Faux Cils Mascara in Noir Radical
9. Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils

I hate to be dramatic, but I don't think I could live without this YSL mascara -- it is EVERYTHING. I mean it, I'm kind of an expert in the matter. This beats them all, including DiorShow, trust. If you're looking for more eyelash solutions, click here.

Before and after, without makeup, with makeup, NARS, Rings & Tings chunky ID chain necklace, Levi's denim shirt

Some of the NARS products you saw in the video were gifted and some not. Regardless, I fully, wholeheartedly endorse everything I present to you on this blog and would never show you something I don't believe in. I actually do use everything you see here every single day.

Now tell me, what are your makeup philosophies and the brands and cosmetic items you couldn't live without? And keep sending in your style and beauty questions, they might just be the next #AskFOR topic!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Awakening

Spring awakening, Fashion Over Reason, Sandro Anaconda black studded leather slip-on sneakers, white destroyed distressed boyfriend jeans

We've been hyper lucky with the weather as of late. Mother Nature has heard our pleas and she's ready to forgive, it seems. It's now been two weekends in a row of absolute glorious sunshine, rosé-on-a-terrace type of clemency, cherry blossom blooms and lay-down-on-a-blanket-in-the-park days. Idyllic, if I may be so bold.

Weekend attire need not be fussy (nothing should be, really, but weekend wear in particular). A loose fitting pair of destroyed jeans in a crisp, refreshing white is a great way to invigorate transitional garb. Keeping things easy in my trusty slip-ons (surely they are going to take me as far into this season as they did in the last), and of course, my ubiquitous stripes. Spring is officially here, all rejoice!

Asos quilted leather bomber jacket, white Zara distressed white denim, boyfriend jeans, Sandro Anacondas slip-on sneakers, Levi's denim shirt, Joe Fresh striped shirt, Bottega Veneta intrecciato cross-body leather bag
Striped shirt - Joe Fresh (similar)
Jeans - Zara (similar)
Denim shirt - Levi's
Shoes - Sandro (similar)
Leather jacket - ASOS (similar)
Bag - Bottega Veneta
Sunnies - Ray-Ban
Necklace - Rings & Tings (similar)

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Light Layering

Light layering, leather pants, denim shirt, Levi's, Subtle Luxury + Spun scarves, reptile print

Transitional weather is way up there in terms of ideal sartorial weather. It allows so much freedom and variety to really play with your wardrobe and dream up a whole slew of new combinations without being plagued by having your style efforts stomped by a heavy parka. Or wanting to remove every single layer once the mercury soars to unbearable heights. There's nothing more glorious in life than when you can finally step out in a few light layers, bare ankles and a scarf no thicker than a veil. It's that magical time of year.

Trash & Vaudeville vegan leather pants, Bottega Veneta intrecciato cross-body bag, beat up Chuck Taylors, reptile print Sutle Luxury + Spun scarf, Levi's denim shirt, Raen Optics Arkin sunglasses
Shirt - Alternative Apparel men's
Denim button-down - Levis
Vegan leather pants - Tripp NYC from Trash & Vaudeville
Sneakers - Chucks
Ring - Saint Laurent
Scarf - Subtle Luxury + Spun (similar)
Sunnies - Raen

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Keep It Chic, Keep It Understated

Keeping things chic and understated is always what I try to go back to when I'm faced with an ever-so-dreadful case of Closet Full of Clothes, Nothing to Wear (CFOCNTW). It's a motto I refer to upon feeling uninspired, in an effort to refresh and refocus. It's my center of gravity when things are feeling askew and I find that if I stick to those two words, I can almost always rouse something good from my wardrobe selection.

What you see yonder is part wish list, part demonstration of understated chic. Not loud, yet far from from boring. Not fancy, yet far from sloppy.

Elizabeth & James white mesh top, Topshop Moto distressed jeans, Helmut Lang blazer, Givenchy Anitgona shopper tote, black Birkenstocks, BaubleBar horseshoe bracelet, Deborah Lippmann nailpolish, Anine Bing sunglasses, Saint Laurent arty ring
Clockwise from left:
Elizabeth & James top - Saint Laurent arty ring - Topshop jeans - Helmut Lang blazer - Givenchy large Anitogona shopper - Birkenstock sandals - BaubleBar bracelet - Deborah Lippmann nail polish in Prelude to a Kiss - Anine Bing sunglasses

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Welcome to the Dark Side (And Get Your Very Own Boyfriend)

Fashion Over Reason welcome to the dark side, black distressed boyfriend jeans by Refind Denim

Clearly I've been bitten by the distressed denim/boyfriend jean bug. Last week I was gallivanting about in a pair of blue ones and here I am again, but this time I've gone to the dark side. There's just something about the black that has that gritty allure, encompassing the ever-so-aspiranial and intangible je ne sais quoi. Less expected is perhaps the expression I'm looking for? Just as versatile as the blue, they give off an entirely different vibe. I love both, obvi... but I think I have a particular penchant for the sombre option. What say you?

But this post is SO EXCITING beyond just my outfit and my cuter-than-cute canine companion: the amazing people at Refind Denim, aka the lovely gals who are behind my ridiculously fantastic boyfriend jeans -- both the blue and the black -- are offering FOR readers 20% off all boyfriend jeans on their website, starting now until April 12. And fear not, they ship all over the world!

Here's how it works:

1. Head to their online shop by clicking here.
2 . Choose your perfect boyfriend (sorry, no shorts, only jeans!).
3. Enter code FOR20 at checkout.
4. Enjoy the most awesome pair of boyfriend jeans you've ever seen. (Seriously. Even LiLo agrees.)

And in case you missed it, check out their blog for a super rad feature on yours truly!

Graffiti wall, all black, quilted leather bomber jacket, Chanel loafers, Bottega Veneta intrecciato crossbody bagVintage levis black distressed boyfriend jeans, Refind Denim, Chanel loafers, je t'aime t-shirt, quilted leather jacket, Ray-Ban wayfarers, Australian ShepherdRings & Tings gold bar ear cuffs, ASOS quilted leather jacketRock 'n roll all black look, destroyed vintage Levi's boyfriend jeans, Refind Denim, Chanel loafers, quilted leather bomber jacketAll black, rock 'n roll, quilted leather jacket, distressed levis boyfriend jeans, Bottega Venta bag, Ian RusianaGold bar ear cuff earring by Rings & Tings, Zara gold metal choker, ASOS leather jacket, Ray-Ban wayfarers, Ian RusianaIn motion, distressed vintage Levi's black denim, cuffed boyfriend jeans, Ian RusianaGraffiti wall, Williamsburg Brooklyn, all black outfit, leather & denim, mini australian shepherd blue merle canineRings & Ting gold elephant cuff, Refind Denim distressed boyfriend jeans, Chanel loafers, cuffed denim, Bottega Veneta intrecciato crossbody bag#wallyface mini aussie, blue merle, australian shepherd, Refind Denim distressed boyfriend jeans, street style
Photos by Ian Rusiana

T-shirt - Zara
Leather jacket - ASOS (similar)
Boyfriend jeans - Refind Denim (similar)
Shoes - Chanel (similar)
Elephant bangle - Rings & Tings (similar)
Other bracelets - Coordinates, vintage & Jenny Bird
Rings - Chic Peek
Ear cuff - Rings & Tings (similar)
Metal choker - Zara (similar)
Sunglasses - Ray-Ban
Bag - Bottega Veneta
Canine - #WallyFace

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Summer On the Brain

Sumer on the brain, palm trees, LA, Los Angeles California

It's no secret that it's been a tough winter, here in the Northeast. And while it's seasonably normal to experience warm-weather withdrawal once the equinox hits and all we have are April showers, it seems to be, well, a lot more of a sensitive matter than usual. Being excited for winter to end has been the subject trending most among everyone I know since January, yet Mother Nature appears to be punishing us. I can just picture her, wherever she hangs her hat, grinning in utter satisfaction as she inflicts her wrath on us suffering mere mortals. Spring's extremely shy nature has made most people want to dig a hole and go lie in it until at least Memorial Day... In the meantime, I will proceed with my sulking and keep complaining about the chill in the air, the horrible climate change and how I just cannot contain my excitement for summer to finally arrive. Below is a depiction of the type of outfit I anticipate wearing.

Joie summer dress, Totême rope sandals, Giles and Brother earrings, MAC Cosmetics nail polish in Morange, NARS Cosmetics tinted moisturizer, Ray-Ban aviators
Clockwise from top left:
Ray-Ban aviators - Totême rope sandals (similar) - NARS tinted moisturizer - Giles & Brother earrings - MAC nail polish in Morange - Joie dress

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Daily Grind

Daily grind uniform, Fashion Over Reason, street style

The kind of outfit one feels most at-ease in differs greatly from one person to the next. Some ladies are all about feminine pieces, not even owning so much as jeans, while others would never even don a skirt. I personally subscribe to a tomboyish aesthetic, in case you hadn't noticed. I am most myself in denim and a loose top of some kind, preferably a t-shirt or a button-down. High heels used to be an integral part of my day-to-day jam, but I now mostly wear flats, since my office is the local coffee shop. I wish I was more of a boho princess, or one of those immaculately unkempt beauties, but I've come to realize that a zebra just can't change its stripes. In fact, should you happen to run into me on any given weekday, I'd be wearing some sort of variation of what you see here.

PS happy April fool's day! Hope it's kind of warmish (can you sense my optimism in that phrase?) wherever you are!

H&M striped sweatshirt, ASOS black skinny jeans, Rings & Tings chunky chain ID necklace, Club Monaco coatBeat up Chuck Taylors, black ASOS skinny jeans, H&M striped sweatshirt, Club Monaco long grey coat, chunky silver ID necklace, Ray-Ban Wayfarers, Fashion Over Reason daily uniform
Striped shirt - H&M (similar)
Denim - ASOS
Shoes - Chucks
Coat - Club Monaco (similar)
Necklace - Rings & Tings (similar)
Sunnies - Ray-Ban
Bag - Zara (similar)

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