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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Daily Grind

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The kind of outfit one feels most at-ease in differs greatly from one person to the next. Some ladies are all about feminine pieces, not even owning so much as jeans, while others would never even don a skirt. I personally subscribe to a tomboyish aesthetic, in case you hadn't noticed. I am most myself in denim and a loose top of some kind, preferably a t-shirt or a button-down. High heels used to be an integral part of my day-to-day jam, but I now mostly wear flats, since my office is the local coffee shop. I wish I was more of a boho princess, or one of those immaculately unkempt beauties, but I've come to realize that a zebra just can't change its stripes. In fact, should you happen to run into me on any given weekday, I'd be wearing some sort of variation of what you see here.

PS happy April fool's day! Hope it's kind of warmish (can you sense my optimism in that phrase?) wherever you are!

H&M striped sweatshirt, ASOS black skinny jeans, Rings & Tings chunky chain ID necklace, Club Monaco coatBeat up Chuck Taylors, black ASOS skinny jeans, H&M striped sweatshirt, Club Monaco long grey coat, chunky silver ID necklace, Ray-Ban Wayfarers, Fashion Over Reason daily uniform
Striped shirt - H&M (similar)
Denim - ASOS
Shoes - Chucks
Coat - Club Monaco (similar)
Necklace - Rings & Tings (similar)
Sunnies - Ray-Ban
Bag - Zara (similar)

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Sam said...

Adore this sporty luxe outfit, the coat is exudes classic elegance. Happy April!

Catherine said...

This look is so perfect, I'm in love with your style ! ♥

Unknown said...

absolutely adore your coat!

Lady à la Mode

MaysaAndSunshine said...

You totally pull of this tomboyish look. Very sporty and suits you well. You are pretty to. I am the pants kind of person too, rarely wear a skirt. Probably a few times per year but with the sewing project, I may be more inspired to wear a skirt more.

I used to think I didn't have enough patience to sew either but it was not bad. You kind of get excited and anticipate to see your final result. Thank you for your kind comment.

ALLIE NYC said...

Oh love this chic sporty look and love the instructed coat. I so want to get a coat liker this.

Allie of ALLIE NYC

Emmylou said...

The pieces of your outfit are staples that I think you can't really go wrong with wearing them on any day of the week:)

PS I so want a jacket like yours.

It's About L.A said...

Nice look !


nancy @ adore to adorn said...

love the look!

Unconventional Secrets said...

great look !!

Stephanie said...

I'm not sure I just read that clearly!!! You're officially stating out loud that you swapped your HEELS for FLATS!!!!! YOU!!! I can't believe it LOL The girl who always wore heels that made me so envious cause you look like you just saunter in them, like no biggie. Lol. Me in heels = such a mission. I def dont saunter in 'em. Ever. Happy to see you get grounded in the name of keepin' it coffee shop kewl.

This outfit is sooo you! Jeans + a loose tee. I can completely relate it's the sartorial #storyofmylife


ps: weather is above 0 here: That's something to look forward to lol

Samantha Mariko said...

this is a perfect outfit for the go! love your chucks :)

Unknown said...

What a fabulous look. That coat is just lovely, and that chain necklace really pops!

hidden dreams said...

Great coat dear!

Unconventional Secrets said...


Sam said...

Hi dear, thank you greatly for your last comment.

Anonymous said...

Really loved this outfit and how you've described your style, specially 'cause I'm quite like you. I love wearing stripes, it's kind of an obsession right now 'cause every time I go shopping with my friends when they see a stripes' jumper or shirt they're like: this is so you haha

But combining them with casual jeans and the sneakers, just like you've done and a trench or a lovely coat is the perfect everyday outfit, chic but comfy.

Love your haircut, by the way.



Unknown said...

love that outfit. I am glad I see more girls out who has similar style than mine. This is actually very chic and comfy.