Fashion Over Reason: Le Frick C'est Chic!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Le Frick C'est Chic!

Le Frick C'est Chic!, The Frick Collection, Fashion Over Reason, quilted leather bomber jacket by ASOS, Zara white destroyed boyfriend denim and nude leather bag, Sandro ANACONDAs slip-on sneakers Suburban Riot Kale sweatshirt

It goes without saying that living in New York City comes with tons of perks, one of them being the abundance of culture at our fingertips. On the downside, having so many options at the ready often makes you put things off knowing that you can visit the sights any time you please, which usually means never ending up seeing certain things due to getting caught up in life stuff. Another perk (which can actually be a drawback at times, but let's stay focused) is that everyone you know will want to come visit you and take advantage of all this culture you take for granted as a blasé city dweller, thus forcing you to finally revel and marvel in what makes this place truly unparalleled.

Case in point: having my brother over this past weekend meant exploring new haunts and touring things I hardly ever get to see. I was finally able to check the Frick Collection off of my never-ending NYC to-do list. This place did not disappoint and was every bit the fascinating, interesting, beautiful exhibit I hoped it would be -- I highly recommend it if you ever find yourself if those necks (far better than the Guggenheim - oh yes I did).

It was a perfect spring day, the kind that doesn't allow you to be grumpy, and dressing adequately for gallery hopping and Central Park strolling was of utmost importance. Casual, practical and dare I say cute. How obsessed are we with this Beyonce-approved Suburban Riot sweatshirt, by the way? More on that another time...

The Frick Collection NYC New York City, Fifth Avenue, what I wore, ASOS quilted leatehr bomber jacket, distressed white boyfriend denim, skater slip-on sneakers, Sandro ANACONDAS, Kale sweatshirt by Suburban Riot
Kale sweater - Suburban Riot
Jeans - Zara (similar)
Leather jacket - ASOS (similar)
Shoes - Sandro (similar)
Bag - Zara (similar)
Ring - Saint Laurent
Sunnies - Ray-Ban

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It's About L.A said...

Ce look est parfait, le pantalon blanc te va à merveille et j'adore les chaussures !


Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

I absolutely love this outfit and adore the bag! Wish I was in NY. x

A Very Sweet Blog said...

you're so lucky to live there! i can't wait to visit one day. new york is a cultural explosion of goodies. i love your leather jacket!

elle said...

You're an epitome of chic in this outfit!

hidden dreams said...

So great look dear!

New post!

Melissa said...

I love your outfit, it looks great on you! Great photos my dear :)

Harija said...


My Lyfe ; My Story
@MyLyfeMyStory ♥ ♥

ALLIE NYC said...

Ah this is the perfect outfit for a day at a gallery or museum. Chic and comfy. I so need to do more of this. I live in NY but hardly ever to to all the galleries and museums that populate this city. This needs to change. But have friends moving here that like to do that sort of thing so this should change.

Allie of ALLIE NYC

Style Sense Moments said...

So cool and effortless, love the jacket love the shoes!!! xoxo

Sam said...

This is such a chic and polished urban outfit, love the jacket

Joanna said...

I love this outfit! Why choose style over comfort when you can have both? And I wish I was New York right now. <3

Unknown said...

Great post, lovely just visit g for the first time...

Do u mind following on gfc and g+

Catherine said...

Perfect look, perfect jeans, perfect sunglasses, perfect you!

I added you to my blogroll ♥♥